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Delicious healthy Thai food. Favorites include: kao pode tod - spiced yellow corn & bean cake fritter served with tamarind vinaigrette cucumber salad gai satay - chicken skewer served with peanut sauce pak rad kang - grilled Asian eggplant, z... more
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Basil Canteen is located at the corner of 11th and Folsom, in the historic Jackson Brewery building. Exposed iron I beams, and rustic brickwork give it an urban vibe. The large communal table, which represents half of the seating capacity, lends itse... more
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Since 2015, Ben Thai Cafe has been serving delicious Thai food in the vibrant and lively Polk Gulch corridor. more
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Blackwood serves American breakfast every day with bottomless mimosas. They also have service for both brunch and lunch with Thai influence, and dinner is Thai fusion. The dining room features two fireside communal tables out front that give way to... more
Citrus Club is a wonderful Upper Haight restaurant. The cuisine is a mix of various Asian dishes (Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, etc.) but the noodles are what Citrus Club is know for. Citrus Clubs states on its menu, "...In Asian cuisin... more
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"Derm" offers original style and philosophy of Thai cuisine with perfect combination between authentic spices and modern ingredients under chill-out casual dining atmosphere. "Derm" is a Thai word which represents both "originality" and "familiarity"... more
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Esan Classic is the result of years of collaboration between Chef Tom Silagorn (from Lers Ros) and Chef Chanon Hutasingh. Both Tom and Chanon are Thai natives with a passion for cooking. more
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Decor and music create a welcoming, casual, yet trendy atmosphere. At Farmhouse Kitchen, you're in for a unique Thai experience. more
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A Lao Isaan Eatery, invites you to jam some fun tunes, and be loud with a drink in hand while sharing plates of food and eating with your hands. Tiki Hour: Monday - Thursday from 5:30pm - 7pm for cocktails and punch bowls. more
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Authentic, delicious Thai food. House of Thai 2 on Haight Street, like its sister / original restaurant on Larkin, features a similar quality experience. more
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Authentic, delicious Thai food. House of Thai is a small, family-owned restaurant that's committed to providing a quality dining experience. more
Khan Toke is the closest thing there is to an upscale Thai restaurant in San Francisco. The dinning room is beautifully designed and is well-suited for birthday or other kinds of celebrations for 6 - 8 people. Khan Toke serves delicious, traditional... more
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KHOB KHUN means thank you. Most of our menu items are freshly made in house. We use fresh ingredients to create your favorite dishes. We hope you enjoy! more
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Kin Khao serves delicious Thai Food that stays true to its origin. Made with seasonal produce and sustainably raised or caught meats and seafood. We make all our curry pastes, sauces and relishes in house daily. more
A large list of appetizers gets your meal off to a great start and the entrees finish you off with a slice of Thai food heaven.  Most dishes will only set you back ~$7 - $15. more
Lalita is a place where you might be gathering behind of the candlelight’s with your love ones, family or friends; it ‘s also a perfect place to reward yourself. Lalita is exceptionally accommodating for a diversity of dining occasions, f... more
Beginning with the original Osha, our goal has been to serve you the Bay Area's best authentic Thai food. Now in our third incarnation, we not only bring you the best in traditional Thai cuisine but surround you in an elegant space that combines both... more
Experienced city diners have a certain set of expectations when it comes to eating cheap ethnic food: 1) dingy & tacky decor; 2) bad lighting; 3) aloof (if not downright rude) service; and 4) excellent food. With the exception of #4, Ma... more
When Chai Siriyarn opened his celebrated Marnee Thai restaurant in 1986, he hoped to give his patrons a taste of Thai cuisine and culture so transporting that they could enjoy the country's wonders without ever having to leave San Francisco. Now, man... more
When Chai Siriyarn opened his celebrated Marnee Thai restaurant in 1986, he hoped to give his patrons a taste of Thai cuisine and culture so transporting that they could enjoy the country's wonders without ever having to leave San Francisco. Now, man... more
Nari - A San Francisco Thai Eatery image
Nari is a modern Thai restaurant, merging traditional techniques with the seasonal bounty of California. Served family style, our heritage driven cuisine is enhanced with exceptional service, amazing cocktails and an extensive wine list. more
The menu may look like others with its typical curry dishes and special eggplant. But Neecha executes well, giving the food a rich flavor, as if it were cooked with those secret ingredients: love and care. Vegetarian specials include: corn cakes,... more
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Come try our mouth-watering array of delicious, authentic Thai food. Carefully prepared and exquisitely cooked to perfection, our tasty, freshly sourced dishes are made by our experienced and talented chefs. more
A great little neighborhood place for ramen.   Get there early to avoid the crowds. more
One Waan means something good to remember from childhood!  If you get a chance to visit One Waan on Diamond, you are introduced to a modern eatery whose food never disappoints.   Close to BART and Glen Park Village. more
Our goal to serve the Bay Area's most authentic traditional Thai, as well as modern riffs using local fresh ingredients and Thai sensibilities. We offer a seasonal menu that we update monthly. Besides delighting the discerning palate, our kitchen tak... more
From a simple restaurant in the Tenderloin in 1996, the family of Osha Thai Restaurants have grown in popularity and sophistication. This original location keeps true to its origins, as any great restaurant should. We welcome you to the front door of... more
Thai food is known for harmonious complex taste of three to five fundamental taste of sour, salty, sweet, bitter and spicy. We prepared dishes from our own pastes and sauces using Thai herbs and spices. more
Delicious Thai food near Lower Haight / NoPa.  If you want to try something different for dinner tonight, pay a visit to Phuket Thai. more
Under the direction of Chef Kobe (Nutnawat Aukcarrapasutanun), Saap Ver is an ingredient-focused restaurant introducing lesser-known regional Thai dishes. Chef Nutnawat Aukcarapasutanun (‘Kobe’), seeks to expand San Franciscans’ kno... more
Siam Kitchen serves up some of the best authentic Thai food in the Financial District. Their traditional Thai cuisine is popular among the downtown locals who frequent this cozy restaurant or place orders for free delivery. Make sure to try their Pad... more
Our mission is simple: to serve authentic Thai comfort food using wholesome ingredients and in a fun and friendly atmosphere. We're part cocktail/sports bar and part Thai restaurant - and hopefully we play some pretty good music.  more
Fantastic Thai food that never fails to excite the pallet. A good place to take a date - quiet, romantic, and guaranteed to stimulate an intimate experience. more
Consistently rated one of the best Thai eateries in the Castro. more
Delicious, great for large groups, all your favorite Thai dishes - only veggie or vegan. Satay, larb, no problem - it's vegetarian. more
Thanya & Salee features really delicious Thai cuisine. One of the main attractions are the island-style teki lounge drinks that come over from Lingba Lounge. more
Thep Phanom has been voted best Thai food in San Francisco so many times that it borders on the obscene. And though the moniker 'authentic' is often used without much discretion in regards to cuisines such as Thai, Thep Phanom's food truly warrants s... more