Saap Ver Thai Restaurant

88 Division Street, San Francisco, CA
+1 415.255.8188
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Under the direction of Chef Kobe (Nutnawat Aukcarrapasutanun), Saap Ver is an ingredient-focused restaurant introducing lesser-known regional Thai dishes. Chef Nutnawat Aukcarapasutanun (‘Kobe’), seeks to expand San Franciscans’ knowledge of country-style Thai street food. Attention to sourcing and in-house technique means quality ingredients without flavor-reducing short-cuts. The vibrant ambience and interior design take its inspiration from the riotous color and excitement of Thai countryside street markets and 1970’s era outdoor film showings. Core dishes include: variations of som tum (papaya salad), num tok (beef larb), grilled cat fish, and nam kao tod (Thai sausage/crispy rice salad). A beverage program includes a curated wine and beer program and a full bar.

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