Aria Korean Street Food image
A local, hip and informal restaurant serving quick trendy Korean Fried Chicken, Kimbap, Ramen and street food. We bring street culture vibe from graffiti, street fashion collab, and hip-hop culture. more
Art's Cafe image
A quaint little Korean diner that will serve up hash browns as fast as Bi Bim Bop. Check this place out if you're into small little mom 'n' pop places that seem to be harder and harder to find nowadays. There is only bar seating for about 10 people. more
For many, there's no substitute to Brother's. The food is light and nutritious, plus the service is generous and courteous. The BBQ beef, chicken or pork is very good and comes with various side vegetable dishes like potato, bean sprouts, and cucumb... more
Awesome late-night Korean food!  One of the best "Korean" resturants in SF. more
Daeho Kalbijjim & Beef Soup image
The food will win you over, if you're open to spicy, curiously crunchy, and basically great tasting food. more
Tucked away in outer Mission, the new Foxsister might not be the most Instagram-friendly place in town (it’s very dark) but the spicy, joyful and bold food it serves might just be the best Korean cuisine of the moment. For ultimate comfort, ord... more
Glaze Teriyaki Grill image
"Seriously delicious teriyaki –  in a not-so-serious atmosphere." A delicious Korean influenced take on Japanese teriyaki.   There's a nice little explanation of how this came to be on . more
Go Go 7 image
Go Go 7 offers Korean food at a decent prices. The portions are large and delicious. It's a great place to go if you're in this area of town, conveniently located near City College. more
Han Il Kwan Restaurant image
Han Il Kwan is still the place I'll go to with my folks for Sunday dinner and with friends wanting their Korean fix. It gets the highest marks for ambiance; wooden partitioned booths and softer lighting make for a more relaxing meal. And it too throw... more
The dishes -- kkanpoong saewoo, mapa dubu, japchae bap, and more -- may or may not be recognizable to some. But they elicit strong memories of family dinners and post-kiddie soccer game lunches for Eddo Kim, who owns and operates Hotline alongside hi... more
Izakaya Hashibiro Kou image
Japaneses Izakaya with a bit of Asian fusion. more
This restaurant sits in the shadows of Wooden Charcoal and Han Il Kwan. It's got good barbeque, but no freebies. And the place is so brightly lit, you almost need sunglasses. But go to Jang Soo on one of those six truly hot days in San Francisco and... more
Jijime image
Jijime is a Korean, Asian, Fusion, Ramen restaurant. more
K-Elements BBQ image
Asian Fusion Korean, All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ, and soju. more
Kogi Gogi BBQ image
Authentic Korean Food All You Can Eat BBQ Korean beer, soju, and cocktails. more
KoJa (aka Korean-Japanese) is a special gourmet sandwich infused with a unique combination of Korean & Japanese flavors. To step it up a notch, KoJa Kitchen substitutes the traditional wheat buns with freshly made crispy garlic rice buns.  more
Manna image
This Korean Restaurant in Inner Sunset hits the spot. From bibimbap and tofu stew, to jjol myeon (spicy thick noodles) and kimchi jaeyuk bokum (sautéed pork, tofu, kimchi), to spicy seafood pancake or spicy pork bul kogi, the food is delicious and m... more
My Tofu House image
The specialty is soondubu chijae, spicy Korean tofu soup. The service is no-nonsense and straight-forward. There are different kinds of soup but all are piping hot with the usual side condiments common to Korean cuisine: fresh vegetables such as bean... more
Purple Rice image
Purple Rice's mission to provide authentic Korean cuisine with a unique customizable touch for its customers. Purple Rice has already succeeded in providing quality food with multiple plate options and excellent customer service to everyone that step... more
Queens image
Queens specializes in imported artisinal Korean foods like heirloom Asian veggies, freshly prepared grab & go foods, kimchi, fermented things and more. more
San Ho Won image
Delicious, tender beef and pork ribs -- good sized portions... so good. San Ho Won is a Korean, charcoal BBQ restaurant located in the Mission District. The restaurant is a collaboration between Corey Lee and Jeong-In Hwang. more
SF Honey Pig Korean BBQ image
SF Honey Pig Korean Restaurant serves up delicious Korean cuisine. more
Shin Toe Bul Yi image
Known for its Korean fried chicken and lunch specials. more
Surisan image
At Surisan, we serve an inspired blend of traditional and modern Korean cuisine. Located in Fisherman's Wharf, our heart is a savory Asian-inspired American comfort breakfast and brunch, with our soul being innovative Korean food. more
Tacorea on Broadway image
Bulgogi & kimchi - quesadillas & burittos. As strange as it might sound, the flavors work. Gotta try it to believe it. more
Tacorea on Bush Street image
Bulgogi & kimchi - quesadillas & burittos. As strange as it might sound, the flavors work. Gotta try it to believe it. more
Um.Ma. image
Um.Ma. Which means "mom" in Korean is to pay homage not to just Korean moms, but to all moms since we all think our mothers have the best home cooking. As for the food, chef Chris Oh, along with chef de cuisine Edwin Bayone, will be firing up classic... more
What this restaurant lacks in ambiance - bright yellow and green walls pop under the bright lights - it makes up for in intense bursts of flavor and super friendly service. Try the spicy sautéed prawns ($12.95) with vegetables, cooked to perfection:... more
YakiniQ image
All you can eat, Korean tabletop BBQ, plus beer & soju cocktails. more