Jang Soo BBQ

6314 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA
(415) 831-8282
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This restaurant sits in the shadows of Wooden Charcoal and Han Il Kwan. It's got good barbeque ($14.95 - $17.95), but no freebies. And the place is so brightly lit, you almost need sunglasses. But go to Jang Soo on one of those six truly hot days in San Francisco and order the mul nang myon ($8.95), buckwheat noodles in a refreshingly cold and tangy soup sprinkled with slivers of beef and radish and topped with half a boiled egg. A light repast that'll keep you cool and comfortably sated.

- Excerpt from Korean BBQ Roundup, Kimchi never tasted so good by Lisa Y Park