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Our dishes are inspired by the flavors of Thailand, China, Burma, India, Japan, the Philippines and of course our home here in California. more
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BeyondBurma was created with passion for food and inspiration to share Burmese culture in the most diverse city, San Francisco. When the founder came to US in 2000, she had only one thing in mind. It was to live the American dream by running her own... more
Our goal of providing value and quality remains firm in each of our restaurants. In every aroma, bite, and warmth you feel from our staff, we hope you experience the culture, hospitality, and people of Burma. more
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At Burma Superstar, the pride of quality, tasty dishes is made evident with each bite. Burma Superstar carries forward Burmese culture and cuisine, from the traditions of the coastal, forest, tropical and moutainous regions of the country. more
Authentic Burmese food. more
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Mandalay Restaurant takes you on a delicious voyage to South East Asia. The food is authentically prepared, the service is friendly, and the prices aim to please. If you're a fried chicken lover, be sure to try the Mandalay Chicken! Other Favorite... more