Not the greatest, but still an option for the late night crowd looking for a burrito. more
We began with thin slices of raw geoduck clam on a bed of crushed ice served with a spicy soy dipping sauce. Parts of the clam deemed less than perfect to eat raw were battered and fried and brought to our table along with "Singapore style" noodles,... more
MacArthur Park (607 Front St. @ Jackson) had some promise with an all-you-can-eat buffet available till 7:00 PM. It was typical bar fare, wings that had a nice kick to them, veggies and Parmesan dip, potato skins, and chips and salsa. None of it outs... more
Polo Campero image
If you've been in Latin America, looking for a quick bite to eat and fried chicken pops in your mind, where do you head?   Polo Campero.    This is currently, the only SF location; so lines might be crazy.   But many, many people... more
Fresh grilled chicken, ground beef( kabob), falfal, salmon and more while enjoying the beauty of San Francisco. We are grilling kabob and having fun. You can come and join us or call us for orders. Delivery available within san francisco. Fresh food... more
Delicious hot dogs, corn dogs, nachos, french and garlic fries.   ----- In our search to ensure that we offer only the best frankfurters and sausages, we visited hundreds of hot dog stores from San Francisco, Los Angles, Chicago to New York. A... more