The good sushi and Japanese food keep Richmond locals coming back for more. more
Clement Street Bar & Grill is a favorite spot among locals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In addition to their standard fare, the Clement Street Bar & Grill dishes out a yummy-champagne brunch on the weekends. Your $13.95 will get you a Mimosa,... more
Cliff House image
Consistently named the “Best Restaurant with a View,” the legendary Cliff House is one of the most iconic restaurants in San Francisco. Cliff House regularly pleases the diverse palates of locals and travelers with an assortment of excell... more
Club Deluxe image
The atmosphere at Club Deluxe is reminiscent of an old time New York City jazz house. Red lights glow, the sounds of jazz and people talking waft through the air, and most of the patrons are decked out in their best vintage clothing. Not only known f... more
Chef Chris Cosentino and partner Oliver Wharton introduce Cockscomb, a celebration of San Francisco's diverse culinary heritage and homage to the chef’s adopted city. The menu features selections from the restaurant's oyster bar and wood-fired... more
Awesome late-night Korean food!  One of the best "Korean" resturants in SF. more
Our mission for Coffee Bar exists today as it did three years ago: to provide our customers with an exceptional cafe experience.  We do that in a few different ways, but we believe the best experience begins with the coffee itself, and that mea... more
A clean, lively cafe that gives residents in this area of the Richmond a chance to have a good cup of coffee without risking life and limb by crossing Geary or having to cruise all the way over to Balboa. A great place to study or meet with friends. more
Coi image


Coi’s style is minimal, organic, and elegant. From beneath rice paper panels diffusing soft light throughout the intimate room, earthy grey and brown tones flow from small tables to banquettes seating a casually cool clientele. - Michelin Guide more
Colibri - Mexican Bistro image
Hot on the heels of their success with Consuelo Mexican Bistro at San Jose’s Santana Row, Bay Area restaurateurs Sylvia and Eduardo Rallo have opened their second restaurant, Colibri Mexican Bistro, in the heart of San Francisco’s bustling Theatre Di... more
Featuring fresh seafood, steak, pizza & our signature risotto dishes. All in a romantic Tuscan setting. Our wines are expressly selected for the best of Italy, Spain, France and California's Napa Valley and served with a perfect pairing of chees... more
Named after the owner’s grand-daughter & the peppery herb. We're part deli, part grocery, we serve Asian-infused sandwiches, Japanese lunch boxes, groceries, snacks & beverages galore. more
Where cocktails embolden a palate-pleasing culinary menu. Where guests and locals meet and share stories. more
Connecticut Yankee image
The Yankee was built virtually by hand by the Salvotti family in 1907, and has been a local institution for everyone-from our ditch diggers to the city mayor-ever since.  The place is steeped in rich and colorful history.  From housing a b... more
Everyone knows gnocchi is the ultimate comfort food with its buttery finish, complimented best by rich sauces and toppings. The new Tuscan-inspired spot in the Marina is well aware; and for winter, Contrada just added a gnocchi dish to its menu, and... more
Going into the classic Chow restaurant space that recently closed comes Cook Shoppe by Gramercy Park owner Mark White.   "The goal is to save a neighborhood restaurant that everybody loves," says White, who says he was sad to see Chow close. Wh... more
Coqueta image
Coqueta means “flirt” or “infatuation” in Spanish, and represents Michael Chiarello and his team’s exploration and interpretation of Spanish Cuisine, wine and inspired cocktails... more
It's one of those brightly lit, noisy places where you load your plate at a raw bar stocked with shrimp, mussels, spare ribs, greens, etc., then cook everything in the hot pots at your table. It's hilarious, inexpensive and delicious if at least one... more
Juxtaposition, Amalgamation, or just plain crazy? All have been used to describe Corridor Restaurant. A space offering the quality, service, thoughtfulness and hospitality of fine dining is then turned upside down with walk-up counter ordering in a f... more
It's a rare and beautiful thing to find a dining destination that's as well suited to a romantic dinner for two as it is to group giggles with a small posse of good buddies. Côté Sud is one such place. As the name suggests, the jovial owner, Raymond... more
The Crab House may not serve haute cuisine, but it sure does serve a lot of crab: crab caesar, crab cakes, Killer Crab, crab cioppino, crab enchilada, crab chowder, crab cocktail, crab pizza, crab alfredo, crab lasagna, crab melt, crab burger, crab b... more
Under the direction of Chef William Werner, CAW offers an ever changing menu of breakfast pastries, cakes, confections, confitures, desserts, and a small selection of savory fare seven days a week. more
Craftsman and Wolves - CAW Valencia image
Under the direction of Chef William Werner, CAW offers an ever changing menu of breakfast pastries, cakes, confections, confitures, desserts, and a small selection of savory fare seven days a week. more
We believe that good food and good company go hand in hand. We believe in the time-honored tradition of the dinner table debate and the swirling mix of ideas that makes this country great. We believe simple things can be brilliant, like authentic, re... more
This colorful and busy cafe serves crepes, sandwiches, omelets, and espresso drinks to young polk locals. Open windows and sidewalk tables make this place spacious and very pleasant for a casual visit. more
A tranquil crepery/cafe where locals gather over good conversation, food, studies, and music. What was once more of a cafe, is now more of a casual but busy eatery. The sidewalk tables are delightful on sunny days. more
San Francisco is glutted with crepe-omelette-salad joints, but the Crepevine is on the high end of the scale. The room itself is inviting, the art on the walls isn't too shabby and the folks behind the counter are unusually accommodating. Fat crepes... more
Welcome to Crepuscule pronounced "crep is cool": an authentic French creperie that provides a unique experience of crepe culture. Savored for centuries, crepes are celebrating a revival today, with creperies opening throughout France, America, and el... more
With its opening in 1991, Crustacean San Francisco was heralded by the San Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic, Michael Bauer, as the birthplace of Fusion Cuisine in the U.S, celebrating Helene An as the Mother of exotic new cuisine. Crustacean res... more
A quick stop cafe, breakfast sandwich place, near the Glen Park BART Station. more
Curbside Cafe image
Curbside Cafe is owned by Olivier & Gwyneth Perrier, since April 2010!  Drop in for some wine and comforting French American cuisine. more
Not your average Indian. Think tikka masala burritos, deconstructed samosas and sexy fries. We take traditional Indian flavors and present them in a friendly, recognizable way. Our obsession is amazing tasting food, but we're just as passionate about... more
Cozy, old fshioned pizza house where pizza-making is still considered to be an art form. more
We have the best Latin food around and an atmosphere to match. Our recipes are authentic and time-tested.  more
Dabba is a mashup of far away flavors made with the freshest local ingredients. We use seasonal ingredients to make wholesome, flavorful dishes like nothing you've ever tasted before.  more
The food will win you over, if you're open to spicy, curiously crunchy, and basically great tasting food. more
Daffodil image
Daffodil Restaurant pairs the Bay Area’s best seasonal cuisine with great wines from around the world – with a bit of a twist. We’re offering small plates matched with an ample pour of a friendly wine that brings out the best flavor... more
Daily Grill image
Located in the heart of bustling Union Square, Daily Grill is an updated version of the San Francisco grills of the past, providing generous portions of classic American dishes, such as steaks, chops, chicken pot pie, and meat loaf...a neat, friendly... more
The name “dakshin” (Sanskrit for South <or> Southern) was inspired by my family's cultural diversity and gastronomical experience in their journey across the four key southern states of India resulting in some of the most delectable... more
Unique traditional flavors from all around Nepal.  more