NorCal Grown: No Name by Wonderbrett

The search for the best cannabis strains in the Bay Area.

In a sea of Southern California cannabis companies jockeying to capture the Bay Area’s attention, Wonderbrett stands an ocean apart. Grown in Long Beach, the authenticity of their product and the quality of their drops have quickly commanded not only a loyal following here in the North but also top-shelf status.

“No Name” is a limited edition offering, combining two of Wonderbrett’s heavy hitter strains with a formidable new teammate. Think of it as Marvel’s “What-if” series but for cannabis. And so, hidden behind mild-mannered packaging, these heroic buds answer the question: what if OZ Kush teamed up with Cookies & Cream, and their resulting offspring had a crossover with Black Orchid?

Mysteriously dense, the smell when you squeeze the flower is an exact match to the pine-n-pepper profile of Black Orchid (’96 OG Kush x Gelato) but with an added sweetness at the back end. Once ground up, your nose starts to pick up all the citrus from the OZ Kush (Zkittlez x OG Kush), and by the time you’ve finished rolling up, the dry inhale is a perfect blend of sweet and citrus. I almost suspect that adding Cookies & Cream (Starfighter x Girl Scout Cookies) was the secret ingredient to perfectly marrying these two distinct flavors while adding something new to the mix.

With a rich, robust smoke, this is all the body relaxation you’ve come to expect from Black Orchid but mixed with OZ Kush’s mental alertness. Such an effective hybrid has been an instant hit with people needing to feel their body relax but are wary of having the volume on their thought process turned down. If that sounds like your bag, get it while you can because this hero to the people won’t be a permanent addition to the Wonderbrett lineup.

Aside from being a pleasure to smoke, No Name is a limited run, representing this company’s emergence into an elite crowd creating a very different section of the cannabis menu. Appearing with little warning and short supply, these new “concept drops” are the latest, most experimental offerings from your favorite creators, packaged for the dedicated few. More than just small batch, this new breed of hero lives out their 6-issue miniseries, then disappears into the night, only ever witnessed by the most devoted fans.

Given the amount of time, cost, and effort necessary to open additional cultivation sites in California, space is at an all-time premium. Offering consumers this direct access to brand R&D allows brands to cushion the financial burden of devoting space to new flavors while increasing the bond between them and their audience. Imagine the feeling of being part of the exclusive group who’ve made it through the obstacle course and all the way to the vault.

But what’s more remarkable to me is the afterglow, less the feeling of a selling tactic, and more of a genuine sense of community inclusion. With concept drops, brands invite us to sample some fantastic flavors that may never make it to the big leagues.

Hidden behind a simple black bag and plain white label, “No Name” is a unique offering that gives Wonderbrett fans a chance to try something new and experimental.

Photos by Michael Snyder

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