NorCal Grown: White Runtz by Gas House

The search for the best cannabis strains in the Bay Area.

White Runtz is a legendary Bay Area treat. A cross between Zkittlez and Gelato, its candy-like flavor, balanced high and trichrome-riddled nugs have made it world-renowned and famously counterfeited.

Based right here in the Bay, Gas House was the first company to release White Runtz onto the California recreational market. Their reputation for producing nothing but boutique cannabis, along with their close ties to the Runtz brand’s founders, made them the perfect candidates to highlight this exclusive strain.

White Runtz is a slight variation on traditional Runtz. With nugs that can range from dark green to purple, it’s their thick outer coat of crystals that gives this phenotype its distinction. Dazzlingly bright, the aroma is pure candy—an overpowering sweetness mixed with an earthiness that reminds me of walking into Home Depot’s gardening section.

Rolling it up almost separates the two smells. The ground-up flower was so sweet that if closed your eyes, you’d swear it was crushed candy. After twisting one up, the dry inhale really isolated that earthiness and even brought out a little gas.

The effects on this strain start at the top of the head. A slow shifting, like there’s suddenly too many people at the front of a boat. Sitting in my chair, I could feel my neck inching down, and my whole body eased back into the upholstery as a smile plastered my face.

All the reports on this strain talk about it’s long-lasting high, but I think it’s an ability to bend time. After smoking, I set my stopwatch to see how long I remained high. I sat next to the cat, staring at clouds for what I swore was at least an hour. When we both finally snapped out of it and looked at each other, the stopwatch said 10 minutes. It took me another “hour” to find the broom and sweep my mind off the floor.

With relief for both body and brain, this delicious offshoot should not be passed up, assuming you can find it on the shelf. Just as popular as when it first hit the scene, jars of Gas House’s White Runtz sell out almost as soon as they hit dispensaries. Right behind their newest release Pluto, this is their most sought after flavor. I highly recommend outrunning the pack for some.

Photos by Michael Snyder

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