NorCal Grown: Lemon Lava by LitHouse

Where’s the fire: searching for the best cannabis strains in the Bay Area.

After weeks of self-isolation, how do you find the energy to stay motivated without climbing the walls? One solution I’ve found is Lemon Lava, the latest drop from Mendocino’s LitHouse Farm.

Located on the rugged Mendocino coast, LitHouse is renowned for what they call “ocean grown cannabis.” Touched as much by the sea as the sun, these flowers never experience the high temperatures of more inland areas. It’s this mixture of coastal fog and sunshine, which they believe helps to preserve more sensitive terpene profiles.

A 2019 Emerald Cup award winner for mixed-light cultivation, this strain is part of the breeding legacy of Jai Malloy, the late co-founder of Phinest Cannabis. Dark and crystalline, from inside the jar, you can tell these are the kind of buds you’d decorate a Christmas tree with: perfectly sized, expertly shaped, and just dense enough to bend a branch.

Lemon Lava is a potent mix of Lava Cake and Lemon Heads. The smell coming from the jar might give you a false sense of what’s to come with whiffs of freshly cut lemons. Once you’ve broken it down, the smell of the bud reveals a mix of sugar and citrus that reminds you of that little telltale box of candy. With the taste of lemon cake on the dry inhale, when you light it up, the citrus subsides, sandwiched between sweetness and an earthy, sage-like flavor.

The high on this one felt like slipping a hand into a glove, not a creeper or a smack to the face but the noticeable sensation of comfort sliding gently over you. The Lava Cake seems to provide subtlety, ensuring that this strain doesn’t need to bang you in the head to let you know it’s working. At the same time, Lemon Heads offers a stimulating buzz that isn’t strong enough for a deep cleaning mission but is ideal for straightening up your biodome. This strain was the perfect way to spend a Saturday, wrapped up in a warm mix of relaxation and satisfaction, dancing around the house making playlists.

With a dazzling look and an effect with plenty of replay value, LitHouse should be proud; they’ve grown something here that more than lives up to the legacy of this influential cannabis personality.

Photos by Michael Snyder

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