NorCal Grown: Alien Mints by Alien Labs

Where’s the fire: searching for the best cannabis strains in the Bay Area.

Right now, most of us are looking for a little something to take the edge off and offer us a much-needed escape from the four walls and endless newsfeeds. People let me tell you that something is Alien Mints.

Alien Labs is legendary. Always looking towards the future, their flower, their packaging, even their merch, is synonymous with innovation and attention to detail. To create this knockout, the Lab beamed up SeedJunkies’ Animal Mints Bx1 into the mothership, probing and researching until they developed this frosted xenomorph. Boasting a terpene profile described as “wedding cake on steroids,” the smell from the jar fills up the room with a pleasing mixture of cream and gas.

Insanely dense nugs, turned greyish-green from all the crystals, show a touch of purple underneath. Like most jars from Alien Labs, these boulder-sized buds more than deliver on their top-shelf price tag. Minty, with a hint of gas on the dry inhale, I honestly felt like I was about to light up a menthol. As you smoke, the flavor becomes a sweet and doughy mixture that’s smooth and rich without being overwhelming.

The high however, is no joke. You can feel it coming on as soon as you light the joint, almost like an over timer counting down to blastoff. Once you reach orbit, it’s all the euphoria, lack of concentration, and perma-grin of a cartoon stoner. If you’re not careful, too much of this stuff can leave you in a trance. It might not put you to bed, but you will discover you’ve been staring at that wall for way longer than you thought.

A lot of people right now are stuck inside, pacing the confines of their sanitary bubble. Why not pop some mints and take a little mental vacation? Or maybe you’re out working during the shelter in place? Pop some mints and sweep away the day’s carousel of gloves and hand sanitizer, until it’s just you and an imaginary broom. I guess what I’m saying is, this might be the Mary Poppins of cannabis.

Remember, dispensaries are part of essential services, and many of your local options are open with pickup and delivery. Typically, these reviews are created within 2-3 weeks of publication, to make sure you’re able to track these strains down before they’re all bought up. Given the recent run on cannabis in the Bay Area, that may not always be possible at the moment, so check with your local shop’s menu for availability.

Photos by Michael Snyder

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