It didn’t take a long for Geographer to gain national attention after its first release in 2008 and the San Francisco band remains one of the most popular to emerge from the scene here in recent years.

The group’s resume is littered with all of the right local milestones—appearances at Outside Lands, Noise Pop and BFD—at its audience continues to grow outside of San Francisco. On the verge of a spring tour in support of Tokyo Police Club, we caught up with vocalist Michael Deni to find out some of his favorite places to hang out locally.

A perfect day and night in SF is:
Wake up late, get breakfast, drive to the Presidio and walk around the rocks near the ocean, get Korean BBQ, go to karaoke until 1 am, swear you’ll never drink again.

Best show you’ve attended in the Bay Area?
Paul Simon at the Fox Theater. When he sang his first note, I burst into tears.

Most memorable local show where you performed?
Amnesia in the early early days. I don’t even think we were named Geographer yet. There was so much sweat and energy in that tiny room. That was the first time I remember people getting really excited.

Current favorite local bands?
Waters, TuneYards, Toro Y Moi, Soft White 60s, French Cassettes

Favorite local venue?
Rickshaw Stop

Favorite Place to party in SF?
Playground private Karaoke room

SF’s best dive?
I’d say any patch of sidewalk in the Tenderloin will get you the authentic experience you’re after.

Favorite place to shop?
Painted Bird

Best meal for less than $15?

Best meal for more than $15?
La Ciccia

Three things that make it hard to leave SF:
The traffic over the bridge, good burritos, kombucha in every corner store

Three things that make it hard to stay:
San Francisco, though a wonderful place, does not contain all the other music venues in the United States, my mother’s house, or a good simple Kosher pickle. Don’t even start. I’ve tried them all.

For inspiration, go to:
Your room and think about how you’ll never know why or how you were created. If your mind survives that thought, and there’s an instrument around, you might want to make something of your own.

For a good time call:
your best friend, duh