If you’re looking light in the wallet but still want to be full in the belly, Yamo (3406 18th Street) in the Mission has got you covered. One of the better kept secrets in the neighborhood, this unassuming Burmese/Chinese kitchen might not look like much from the outside, but just wait until you get a whiff of what they got cooking inside.

With a menu that appeals to vegetarians and carnivores alike, Yamo has something for everyone. And most importantly, you’ll be hard pressed to find a dish here that costs more than $6. What the food lacks in price it makes up for in flavor and abundance. They cook up their very own house noodles (both hot and cold) that are served with a variety of satisfying toppings–go with beef or shrimp to maximize your fulfillment.

There are also a number of unexpected surprises here. For example, they cook some amazing seafood entrees. And while this might not be your first choice when hitting up a whole-in-the-wall type establishment, Yamo will knock your socks off with their savory and satiating Black Bean Fish. It’s fried, served with green bell peppers and onions, and so succulent that you’ll be licking your plate afterwards to enjoy every last taste of the robust sauce that makes the dish so enjoyable.

The Tea Leaf Salad is another creative standout, featuring a menagerie of fresh ingredients that mesh together into a cohesive masterpiece. You’ll also encounter a number of hearty soups as well as numerous plates that incorporate the ever-alluring flavor of curry into the mix.

Ultimately, just come hungry and explore at your own whim because you’re not going to be disappointed. A few things to remember: the place is cash only (tax is included) and the kitchen is incredibly small, so expect a line. Regulars like to phone their order in ahead of time so that your grub is waiting for you when you arrive. If you have yet to experience Yamo, say hello to a new obsession.