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Tue Jan 19 - Mon Jan 25
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There are few places in the world where, within the course of three days, you can grab a drink and catch an evening of live art at Sketchfest before watching the room turn blue with Bawdy Storytelling and pogo dancing to the punk rock of Anti-Flag. In San Francisco this week, those events are all occurring before the weekend hits! And while you relish in the fact that unique entertainment options like the Star Trek Convention, the Obama Roast, and the Cat's Pajamas are the norm here, take stock in the realization that the coin could flip at any moment and a major disaster similar in scale to the tragedy in Haiti could strike our earthquake-prone region. If it's within your means, take a few moments while planning your week to make a donation to one of several organizations with disaster relief funds for the devastated country. Call the American Red Cross +1.800.733.2767 for more information.

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Speed Racer

The Fetching Veggie Etchings


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75th Anniversary

The Seduction of Duchamp
at ArtZone 461 Gallery
Ash Reiter, Il Gato and The Shants
at Hemlock Tavern

A Decent Animal
at Rickshaw Stop
Big Payback Anniversary
at Mighty

Friday Night
at Manor West
Tuesday, January 19, 2010
at 111 Minna Gallery (6pm)

111 Minna Gallery is pleased to announce the first 'Sketch Tuesdays' of 2010 and the 40th time we've held the event! Each month the gallery hosts an evening of live art making featuring both established and emerging Bay Area artists. Inspired by Southern Exposure's Monster Drawing Rally, 111 Minna offers patrons the opportunity to see local artists at work and get...
at Hemlock Tavern (9pm)

Derail it! De-tune it! Stack it all up and let it clatter back down again. Tour the innercoastal waters in a sailboat with friends. Get labeled gothic country and avant-something and psyche-something then tie it up in a burlap sack and toss it in the Rio Grand; toast life while the whole...
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
at The Blue Macaw (7pm)

Our storytellers will regale us with tales of sexual milestones met, passions explored, and thresholds crossed. Fitting for the theme, gracing Bawdy's stage is virgin territory for many of January's storytellers...
at Madrone Art Bar (6:30pm)

In celebration of our taking over Madrone and the success of our first year, we will be having an 8 hour celebration featuring Beer & Cocktail specials, and entertainment by many of the musicians and DJ's who have helped us make Madrone successful...
at Cafe du Nord (8pm)

A.A. Bondy has taken his own sweet time to settle into his bones and create music that permeates purely. His somewhat 'lost' debut offering American Hearts was released on tiny indie Superphonic in 2007, landing him a network television debut on Late Night with Conan O'Brien...
Thursday, January 21, 2010
at Slim's (7:30pm)

After fulfilling their two-record contract with RCA Records, the band built a studio in their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA to cut their first release for SideOneDummy. By having their own studio and not having to work on any schedule but their own, they've been able to create...
at The Lab (8:30pm)

Ursula Scherrer's five-channel video is projected onto suspended fabric, drawing the viewer into an architecture of images, colors and light: representations of fleeting and indefinable presence, of everything that is "amidst." Venetian blinds pouring light and shadows slice the space. A torrential rain shown upside down spreads...
at Harlot (9:30pm)

Jason Stewart, better known to the world as Them Jeans is a constant contributor to the current musical landscape in Los Angeles and an increasing influence in the global music community. Known for his distinct musical creations, Them Jeans has been the driving force behind the world famous club night Dim Mak...
Friday, January 22, 2010
at Park Life (7pm)

Mary Iverson initially studied as a plein air painter focusing on wildlife at the Port of Seattle. Gradually the focus of her work began to gravitate towards the geometric and colorful aspects of shipping containers and the shipping industry as a whole...
at Regency Ballroom (8pm)

Join a magical outdoors-indoor symphony of music, theatre, dance, art, storytelling, circus arts, fashion, technology, and, of course, the art & stories of Edward Gorey. The two-day festivities feature a dizzying assortment of artists, performers, and interactive creations where high-flying trapezes and steam-powered machines...
at Yerba Buena Ice Skating and Bowling Center (9pm)

AADP is a non-profit community organization geared towards helping save the lives of patients. Multi-ethnic and multi-racial individuals are desperately needed to register as a potential marrow/stem cell donor(s). Register today and you can be the one to save a life.
at SOM (9:30pm)

I Can't Feel My Face proudly presents a brand new monthly night at SOM. Specializing in the sounds of psych rock, cosmic, dirty disco, vintage house and everything in between, Face is a carefully edited and programmed night of only the absolute best...
Saturday, January 23, 2010
at Edinburgh Castle (8pm)

Poems, songs, bagpipes and haggis! Whisky galore and rebel rousing! With Alan Black and punk Buddhist monk, Jana Drakka. Rabbie Burns would be 251 years old if he had not died from a combination of fatal diseases at age 37 - drinking, shagging and writing poetry.
at The Fillmore (9pm)

Reagan babies, missile fears, and international blues. Cold War Kids started with jangly guitar, hand claps, and a Harmony amp in a storage room atop Mulberry Street restaurant in downtown Fullerton, CA. For the first practices, having instruments was not as important...
at Hotel Utah Saloon (9pm)

"Francesca Lee is a San Francisco based singer-songwriter that merges elements of Folk, Jazz Pop, and Indie Rock" The candlelight performance and launch of my new album will take place Saturday January 23rd 2010 at The Hotel Utah Saloon here in beautiful San Francisco...
Sunday, January 24, 2010
at The Westin St. Francis Hotel (all day)

After a way too long absence Creation Entertainment is very happy to be returning to San Francisco with a fantastic weekend of Star Trek entertainment headlined by superstars William Shatner and Patrick Stewart...
Monday, January 25, 2010
at Eureka Theatre (8pm)

Following on the heals of their critically acclaimed Hitler Roast and Jesus Roast, Comedy Noir's latest installment has raised the bar one more notch by targeting the one person considered impossible to lampoon. He's the only man in history to be compared to both...
at Herbst Theatre (8pm)

World-class conductor Brad Lubman leads the S.F. Contemporary Music Players in a night of music that recalls the mysterious ingenuity of nature. These are not works in which the hand of the composer can be readily seen; instead the music exudes its own life force, like a bubbling spring...
at The Make-Out Room (8pm)

The Cat's Pajamas is a monthly cabaret featuring spoken word, music, dance, and performance art acts that are an ode to the cultural aesthetics of the past. This month join us for "The Spiderdance Cabaret" our ode to the intellectual, decadent and politically charged cabarets of the 1920's..
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