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Citay – Dream Get Together

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Ezra Feinberg, frontman of Citay, has seen the light, or is it the light that has seen him? Citay’s third release, Dream Get Together, radiates a confidence that comes from a band finding solace in a collaborative clarity of sound.

While we all have our dream musical combinations and ideal unions, it seems a more tangible union has transpired right before us. True, the members of this group are gifted but what carries this record more than the musicians on it is the concept behind it and the feel throughout it.

From the first notes of “Careful With That Hat” to the album’s closing track, a cover of Galaxie 500's "Tugboat,” a gleeful exuberance radiates from note to note and song to song. This formula could end up leaving the listener blissed out and with a mild case of tooth decay, but Citay not only manages to pull it off, but it does so with an earnestness that is both endearing and addictive. You will like this album, and you will listen to it again and again.

Recorded at Louder Studios with San Francisco’s own sound wizard Tim Green and with guest appearances from Joel Robinow of Howlin' Rain, and Merrill Garbus of TuneYards, Dream Get Together is an achievement of both sound a space. Managing to balance lush orchestrations with minimalist soundscapes, the album certainly does feel like a journey. From the flanged-out drum solo in “Fortunate Sun” to the Monkees-like melody in the title track “Dream Get Together,” Feinberg has developed a sound that is purposeful and true. There is something majestic about this album, something driven and sincere. The path has been chosen; go toward the light.