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Detoxing in the New Year

Back to Reality

Now that the holidays are over and the reality of having to balance your checkbook and check off items from your New Yearís resolution list has officially sunk in, this is as good a time as ever to consider your health.

Most Americans state that their primary New Yearís resolution is to achieve optimal health. Of course, this has different meanings to different people ó whether it means getting yourself to an early-morning Saturday yoga class or simply drinking more water during the day. Toxin-purging should be a full body/mind/spirit enterprise thatís as much about balancing your life as it is about toning your abs, no matter what wellness trends we may choose to heed.

If you are ready to live a more healthy life and alleviate some of the toxic malaise, here are a few ideas:

Gayatri Institute and Healing Arts
Founder Christie McLelland is the kind of person who has all her health bases covered. At Gayatri Institute and Healing Arts, you can come in for a massage chosen from a plethora of different modalities or an eight-week private cleanse in which a regimen of focused nutrition, exercise, and meditation will be carefully crafted to fit your needs. Crash courses in yoga and meditation help keep stress down, while slimming body wraps and private sessions with a naturopath (complete with a blood analysis) ensure you stay in shape throughout the year.

San Francisco Botanical Garden
Aside from offering beautiful, meditative trails full of coast redwoods and exotic plants from around the world, the San Francisco Botanical Garden also has a ton of educational programs that offer interested parties valuable lessons on conservation, biodiversity, horticulture, and growing your own garden. Scientists have long touted the extraordinary effects of simply being around plants and trees, but the Botanical Garden is also the perfect place to volunteer or frequent if youíre interested in embracing sustainability, composting at home, growing a contained garden and urban edibles, and attracting native bees to your yard.

San Francisco Community Acupuncture
Acupuncture is one of the best ways to get your chi, and everything else, in tip-top shape. Problem is, regular visits to get your required dose of needles and herbs can be costly. Luckily, San Francisco Community Acupuncture exists. The clinic treats common ailments like insomnia and chronic pain, but on a sliding scale, which means you could be paying as little as $20 if your finances are hurting. A full consultation, a cozy treatment area, and knowledgeable acupuncturists full of recommendations on how you can up the ante on lifestyle changes have made this restorative oasis an obvious go-to.