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Sergio Iglesias

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Known for his retro mod parties all around San Francisco, DJ Sergio Iglesias spins his way through the decades. With shindigs like Teenage Dance Craze and Ooh La La!, his music takes generations back to a time where doing the monkey and surf wave embodied the definition of cool. Kicking off 2010 with new parties at The Knockout, and revamping the charming Ooh La La! at Paradise Lounge with live bands, there’s no reason why not to see what this bustlin’ DJ is all about. Sergio Iglesias dishes with SF Station about his prolific parties.

SF Station (SFS): How did you get into DJing?

Sergio Iglesias (SI): I've been collecting records for about 20 years. I used to have record parties at home with friends, then one day Paul Paul from Soul Party came over asked me to guest DJ at one of his clubs International Hits. It all went from there.

SFS: How long have you been DJing?

SI: About five years.

SFS: What inspired you to start parties like Teenage Dance Craze and Ooh La La?

SI: I've always been obsessed with late-50s and early-60s stuff. I used to go to parties like 1964, Soul Party, Kaleidoscope and Oldies, and always had a great time, but I just wanted a party with a more Rock & Roll, Wild Surf, Beach Party type of feel. That's how we came up with Teenage Dance Craze.

Ooh La La! started as an all 60s French night, 100 percent vinyl at the Casanova Lounge. When we moved it to the Paradise Lounge, it became more of a mod night — still with lots of French and International 60s sounds. Now we also have a live band every month.

SFS: What do you like most about DJing in San Francisco?

SI: I love playing records with people from out of town; they seem to have totally different records than SF DJs. New Orleans DJs seem to have the best stuff, and Howie Pyro.

SFS: What do you totally despise?

SI: Stupid requests and people who don't like the Beach Boys.

SFS: What are you looking forward to the most in 2010?

SI: Starting the new Teenage Dance Craze House Band, Ooh La La!’s one-year anniversary at Paradise Lounge with Thee Cormans! from L.A., and also our new night, GREATEST HiTS!, with DJ Omar Perez from Popscene and Leisure.

SFS: Suffice to say you do this full-time?

SI: Sometimes.

Catch Sergio Iglesias at the next Ooh La La! party at Paradise Lounge on January 16th.