The multi-wave ticket lottery for Burning Man 2015 started today at noon for those that pre-registered, but there are additional opportunities to purchase tickets for this year’s burn.

Starting today, pre-registered burners can buy a maximum of six pre-sale tickets for $800 each from a pool of 4,000 tickets and up to three vehicle passes.

Individual sale is the next stage of the lottery process, when 40,000 tickets become available at $390 each and 12,000 vehicle passes for $50 each plus applicable fees. Participation requires registration, beginning 12pm on Wednesday, February 11 through 12pm on Saturday, February 14.

The first-come, first-served individual sale starts Wednesday, February 18 with a maximum of two tickets with one vehicle pass.

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After individual sale, there is an ‘OMG’ sale when 1,000 tickets become available at $390 each and 1,250 vehicle passes for $50 each plus fees. The registration window for OMG runs July 29 to August 1 and the sale starts August 5. Again, there is a maximum of two tickets and one vehicle pass. You can only register for the OMG sale if you have not previously bought tickets.

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