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Someone needs to tell all the tourists not to bring shorts on their vacations to our lovely city. If this weekend was any indication, they're freezing their pasty, little butts off. Perhaps indoor activities would go down better.

Something like artist Michelle Blade's exhibit at Park Life might work. Or even comedian and actor Jonathan Winters at Herbst Theatre. A dance performance would also be perfect; the Joe Goode Performance Group presents Humansville at the YBCA all this week.

The monthly Oakland Art Murmur, an art gallery walk through over a dozen downtown galleries, is another sure bet. Then on Saturday morning, wake up early and head to the Marina to cheer on the über-humans participating in this year's Escape from Alcatraz triathlon. And while everyone else might be at the Arcade Fire show that night, we recommend heading to the Bottom of the Hill and checking out dynamic duo Matt and Kim. Also on the music front is the eclectic Berkeley World Music Festival. Then start off next week with a good old-fashioned horror flick at the Another Hole in the Head Film Fest at the Roxie New College Film Center.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007 See All Events
at Mollusk Surf Shop (10am - 8pm)
Who was the clown? Was he just another carny freak? Or was he some sort of Mephistopheles with pancake makeup? What the hell did he agree to? Needless to say, Mike is obsessed. And the more pieces he gathers, the quicker they seem to drift in. You can see his collection to date in the gallery at Mollusk Surf Shop, displayed in a faithful replica of the beach they washed up on.
at Park Life (11am - 8pm)
Michelle Blade makes paintings about fleeting moments where social hierarchy dissolves and group accomplishments are possible. Hovering on the thin line between utopia and its failure, these paintings reveal these moments to be transitory, overwhelming, and fragile. Much like the paintings themselves- overwhelmingly large sheets of delicate paper...
at Cafe du Nord (6pm)
San Francisco's Magic Bullets CD release party, for their debut - "a CHILD but in life yet a Doctor in love". Show up early for DJ set by The Bastard Prince (of the Lovemakers).
Wednesday, May 30, 2007 See All Events
at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (7:30pm)
Manu Chao, one of the world's largest-selling artists, helped begin the Latin Alternative movement way back in the 1980's. He sings in French, Spanish, Arabic, Galician, Portuguese, English, and Wolof, and his work cuts a cross-cultural swathe across styles and geographic boundaries...
at the Herbst Theatre (8pm)
Jonathan Winters is an icon of American comedy. A comic actor for more than five decades, Winters is legendary for his improvised characters - from ominous prison guards to little old ladies. With roots in Dayton, Ohio, Winters served as a Marine in the South Pacific during World War II. His talent was discovered when he won five gallons of ice cream for being the funniest man on board his aircraft carrier...
at Great American Music Hall (8pm)
With one foot in the library and the other on the dancefloor, Voxtrot combine classic 60's pop (think Love and Left Banke) with the heady, subversive sounds of 80's Britain and still come out ahead of their time. Originally conceived as an outlet for vocalist Ramesh Srivastava to record a handful of songs he had written...
Thursday, May 31, 2007 See All Events
at YBCA (7:30pm , 9:30pm)
Join us for the world premiere of Humansville, an immersive dance experience that's a departure for the twenty-year-old SF company hailed for its synthesis of theater, humor and high velocity dancing. Explore multiple rooms in this theater installation in our Forum, featuring towering video projections, music and dancers up close...
at Independent (9pm)
Prepare for a meeting of the brass band minds as New Orleans invades San Francisco in the first-ever onstage meeting of Rebirth Brass Band and Extra Action Marching Band. Get tickets quick as these two surefire sellout acts meet on one stage for the first time ever...
at Fluid Ultra Lounge (10pm)
Special Guest DJ's Jeff Cavahaugh & Momentum. Funky House/Hip-Hop/Club Classics/Rock n Roll ..
at Poleng Lounge (10pm)
Featuring Zion, Zeph & Azeem, Jern Eye, Sacred Hoop, Felonious Beatbox, Raw B, Wisdom, J-Boogie, Diversify. Keeping hip-hop on the air ...bring you bangin beats since '94. Sundays 6-8pm on KUSF 90.3fm. The only hip-hop radio in SF...
Friday, June 1, 2007 See All Events
at Downtown Oakland (7pm - 9pm)
Oakland Art Murmur is a coalition of art and cultural venues dedicated to increasing popular awareness of and participation in the arts in Oakland, with an emphasis on visual art. They promote visual art in Oakland through collective marketing and outreach efforts and our monthly First Friday events, which are open to the public and attended by hundreds of local and visiting art enthusiasts.
at Off Market Theater (8pm, 10pm)
Eavesdropper, L.A.'s Currently Longest Running Play comes to San Francisco's Off Market Theater The play, born as a 4 week experimental film script workshop grew into a cult phenomenon bolstered by "rave" online reviews...
at Star Park parking lot, Oakland (9pm)
This June CITY|SPACE will present its fourth installment of Asphalt Shorts. As always we will present a diverse array of short films that explore the urban condition in all its forms from the profound to the ridiculous. As in the past Asphalt Shorts will be projected outside in our favorite nook in downtown Oakland, and for the first time on the following Friday in downtown San Francisco.
at Mighty (9pm)
They've lined up an excellent cast for the next further session featuring the man himself Richie Hawtin with opening set by another one of our favorites MAGDA. It's true, the master is back, don't miss this epic night...
at Ana Mandara (9pm)
An International Party Blending Paris' Sophistication with San Francisco's Diversity. Featuring DJ Aykut (istanbul), Trevor Simpson (92.7), DJ Pheeko Dubfunk (paris). Euro, Brazilian, Middle Eastern, Latin, Indian Top 40 Dance Hits & More!
at 1015 (10pm)
For the final Get Freaky before Burning Man 2007, we've gathered the tribes and amassed a lineup of DJ's and performers that cross a wide spectrum of music. We're proud to announce that Cut Chemist will be headlining Get Freaky! Alongside him will be Bassnectar, Rogue Element, Glitch Mob, Space Cowboy DJS, An-Ten-Nae, The Fringe and many more!
Saturday, June 2, 2007 See All Events
at Little Marina Green (11am - 7pm)
The Fitness Festival will be held at the finish line of the Accenture Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon from 11am to 7 pm on Saturday and 7:00 am to 3:00 pm on Sunday. The Fitness Festival will feature over 40 booths exhibiting the health and fitness industries latest products and services, a food court, beer garden, climbing wall and entertainment. Amateur and professional triathlete meetings will take place on the Festival stage Saturday...
at Palace of Fine Arts (8pm)
Saxophonist Redman, a founding member of the SFJAZZ Collective, goes back to basics with his new acoustic trio. The double bill kicks off with Bay Area faves Scott Amendola (drums), Ben Goldberg (clarinet), and Devin Hoff (bass) [a.k.a. plays Monk] continuing their exploration of the Monk songbook.
Mezzanine (8pm)
60 fashion designers, 80 painters/photographers, 60 filmmakers and 6DJ's...
at Greek Theater (8pm)
Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, Richard Parry, Tim Kingsbury, and Win's kid brother William Butler formed the Arcade Fire in summer 2003. The experimental indie rock quintet, who hail from Montreal, initially began when the elder Butler spotted Chassagne singing jazz standards at a local art exhibit at Concordia University...
at Bottom of the Hill (10pm)
This Drums and Synth duo produces catchy pop all the way from brooklyn...
at The Endup (10pm - 6am)
Two years in, and what better reason to celebrate than the fact that techno is alive and well in San Francisco! On this momentous occasion, they couldn't be more thrilled to present to you not one, but yes, two of the most legendary figures in modern techno performing side by side...
Sunday, June 3, 2007 See All Events
at Union Street (10am - 6pm)
The 31st Annual Union Street Festival is one of San Francisco's largest free art festivals. More than 100,000 attendees come from all over the United States to enjoy the event. The festival features 200 artists, 20 gourmet food booths, live entertainment on two stages, bistro style cafes, spacious wine & beer gardens and a large family adventure area with children's activities and hands-on art projects...
at Asian Art Museum (10am - 5pm)
See the art that started an international phenomenon and discover why manga is more than just your Sunday funny pages...
at Telegraph Avenue/UCB Campus District (noon - 9 pm)
The free Berkeley World Music Weekend is a cultural program that offers over 2 dozen musical performances throughout the Telegraph Avenue district, in cafes, street corners & a Saturday concert in People's Park. Through giving you fine entertainment we aim to promote cultural literacy and tolerance...
at Studio Gracia (noon - 5pm)
It's that time of year again. Time to update your wardrobe with some new gear by our favorite local designers...
at Club Six (10pm)
Music will be Live Rock, Electro, House, Hyphy, Old Skool, New Wave, NuRave, Club...
Monday, June 04, 2007 See All Events
at The Roxie New College Film Center (5:15pm, 7:15pm, 9:30pm)
Like an old-fashioned movie matinee twofer or a cinematic yin and yang, SF IndieFest unleashes ghosts, madmen, monsters, and cartoon merriment concurrently at Another Hole in the Head Film Festival...
at Great American Music Hall (8pm)
This is PGMG's last tour! "The Seattle quintet's follow-up to the universally acclaimed 'The New Romance,' and their first album since the addition of keyboardist Leona Marrs - is by far Pretty Girls Make Graves' most ambitious, multifarious and scorching to date..."
Features   This Week's Articles See All Articles
A Cool Mediterranean Hot Spot
By Amy_Sherman (May 24, 2007)
From the moment you walk in, you'll notice that Nua is not the traditional family style Italian-American restaurant typical of North Beach. It's a sophisticated, sleek yet comfortable, cozy restaurant and wine bar. The Nua website describes the restaurant as seasonal Mediterranean and that couldn't be more true. Portions are less American and more petite and European-sized.
A Dime a Dozen?
By Matt_Crawford (May 24, 2007)
It's the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love in San Francisco, so it's only appropriate that Matt and Kim make another Bay Area appearance. The notoriously cheerful couple, Matt Johnson (keyboards) and Kim Schifino (drums) will perform at Bottom of the Hill on June 2nd. Johnson spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from the road in Florida.
SF Station Blows It Up
By Misha_Vladimirskiy (May 24, 2007)
One of France's most famous musical exports hit the stage in front of a full house at San Francisco's Masonic Center last Friday night. As always six guitars sounded in unison as the crowd oohed and aahed to every string that was struck. The Kings performed songs from their new album Pasajero released last September.
Captain Jack is Back!
By Matt_Forsman (May 24, 2007)
Admittedly, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is a film that will receive all kinds of criticism for being too long, convoluted, and over the top. These are somewhat valid criticisms of the "Citizen Kane" of pirate films. But, there is something to be said for a film that is flawed yet still manages to entertain and engage.
Irish-Indie Musical Soars
By Mel_Valentin (May 24, 2007)
Winner of the World Cinema Audience Award for Winner of the World Cinema Audience Award for Dramatic Film at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, Once is an indie-Irish musical. Shot over 17 days cinéma vérité style with handheld cameras and telephoto lens on a modest, $130,000 dollar budget by writer/director John Carney (On the Edge, November Afternoon), Once is a marvel of indie filmmaking.
Design To Put You in the Zone
By Michelle_Sieling (May 24, 2007)
I was watching Hustle & Flow the other night and found myself distracted for a second as Terrance Howard's character Djay passed through a colorful plastic curtain as he was about to throw his girlfriend and her stuff out the front door. Maybe the set designer didn't want me to pay too much attention to that curtain, but it was put there to tell me something. I was meant to feel that this man, who was struggling to keep on top of his life, was still trying to put a little flash into his space. That's probably what we all want in our own space, a little color, a little personality, and a little character to brighten our daily lives.
A Dark Rendition
By Nirmala_Nataraj (May 24, 2007)
If you've never actually read Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist, which is perhaps the most paradigmatic rags-to-riches story ever written, well...consider yourself at home. As adulated as Dickens is among the populist echelons and the fusty literati set, his erudite moral fables of industrial England gone bad are a little timeworn, a little too simplistic in our postmodern era of six billion people and clashing metanarratives. And with all the sentimental stage and screen revivals (particularly the 1963 film version, with its hum-worthy ditties and loveable rapscallions), it's easy to write OT off as just another feel-good yarn.
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