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Tailor-made Bicycles by Customer Choice
By Michelle Sieling (Aug 17, 2015)
In my suburban hometown, we had a bicycle shop not unlike the one in the episode of the Brady Bunch where Peter gets a job repairing bikes. Instead of Mr. Martinelli, though, we had a slight-of build French gentleman named Pierre who wore a blue smock and sold and repaired every kind of bike they could fit in the tiny store, from the tricycle to fancy road racers. More »
Sustainable Bling and Wine
By Michelle Sieling (Aug 01, 2011)
San Franciscoís D&H Sustainable Jewelers in the Castro shows it is possible to wear something beautiful that you can feel good about, too. More »
East Meets West
By Michelle Sieling (Jul 18, 2011)
East Coast shopping destination Madewell makes its debut in SF with a 3,600-square-foot space at Westfield centre. More »
Strollers, Labradors and More
By Michelle Sieling (Jun 18, 2011)
Noe Valley is one of the few neighborhoods in San Francisco where youíll find more boutiques and gift shops than eateries. More »
For Distinguished Gentlemen
By Michelle Sieling (May 23, 2011)
Brandy snifters, khakis, fancy cufflinks made out of old footballs, Hush Puppies, and more, at Embarcadero One. More »
Old-School Grooming in the Mission
By Michelle Sieling (Apr 19, 2011)
The guessing game of hipster or homeless may be coming to an end in the Mission if the opening of F.S.C. Barber is any indication. More »
Treasures in the Mission
By Michelle Sieling (Feb 16, 2011)
What do a well-loved erector set, worn metal toolboxes, and a whimsical birdhouse all have in common? They can all be found at [b]Stuff[/b] on Valencia near Duboce in the Mission. More »
Brazilian Culture in the Mission
By Michelle Sieling (Feb 03, 2011)
If not for the colorful mural of capoeiristas painted by Brazilian graffiti artists Os GÍmeos, you might miss the entrance of AbadŠ-Capoeira San Francisco. More »
Duds for Dudes, and More
By Michelle Sieling (Jan 03, 2011)
[b]HANGR 16[/b] on 16th Street near Valencia Street is making it possible for men to look as chic as the ladies in the Mission. More »
A Different Dispensary
By Michelle Sieling (Nov 16, 2010)
Housed in what was once a medical marijuana storefront is a new kind of pot dispensary. Instead of the sticky, green buds, at Pot & Pantry you can find the perfect pot to boil water for pasta. More »
Michelle Sieling's Articles
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