Our patients often remark about how friendly, outgoing, and professional our staff is -- feedback we're extremely proud of. We work hard to bring the most advanced chiropractic treatments to our patients. more
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Holistic and alternative medicine providing Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition and Chiropractic services in San Carlos, CA specializing in hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, digestive problems, and fast pain relief and resolving herniated discs, s... more
You DESERVE a lifetime of wellness. This means that being healthy, feeling good and getting well need to be daily priorities. It is my commitment to help you and your family achieve this through natural, proven techniques. If you experience physical... more
You no longer have to live with pain, discomfort or disease everyday. Improve your health through acupuncture, herbal medicine and diet and lifestyle changes. Live well with a health mind and healthy body. more
Relieve your pain and boost your immune system naturally with acupuncture. A strong body and immune system is the best guard against illness and fatigue. If convention methods that have not worked for you, consider acupuncture especially for inso... more
We are a resource center for people who seek alternative healing without medications through the use of Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Sessions and 100% therapeutic Essential Oils. Oxygen with Attitude gives hope, encouragement and support to a diverse gro... more
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-Free yourself from chronic pain in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, arms, and legs -Achieve great, natural posture -Learn to use your body with less strain Rolfing is about balancing the tensions in your whole body so things can move correctly... more