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-Free yourself from chronic pain in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, arms, and legs
-Achieve great, natural posture
-Learn to use your body with less strain

Rolfing is about balancing the tensions in your whole body so things can move correctly.  Whether it’s a chronically aching shoulder or an ankle that stopped feeling right fifteen years ago, Rolfing can help by addressing the imbalances and compensations in your connective and muscular tissues with targeted, hands-on bodywork.

Rolfing with Matt Hsu can bring you tangible relief and noticeable changes in your first session.  With further work and self-care exercsies, other parts of your body can then be re-aligned to support healthier posture and keep pain away.

Rolfing is popular among Olympic and professional athletes, practitioners of yoga, and everyday people who need a way to free themselves from the limitations of old injuries and the strain of repetitive motions in their work and play.