Oxygen with Attitude Hyperbaric Healing Center

1485 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA
(650) 654-9268
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Health & Wellness, Alternative Medicine
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Thu - Fri (7am - 1pm)
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We are a resource center for people who seek alternative healing without medications through the use of Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Sessions and 100% therapeutic Essential Oils. Oxygen with Attitude gives hope, encouragement and support to a diverse group of people with chronic physical pain due to birth challenges, disabilities, strokes, sports injuries, surgeries, accidents or illnesses and much more. We want to be known as a place where miracles happen.

Mild Hyperbaric benefits your body by helping to increase your body's ability to absorb oxygen. Oxygen is vital for health, it is the single most important element your body needs. Oxygen is our primary source of energy. Not only does oxygen fuel the body, it supports the immune system by destroying toxic substances. Anaerobic bacteria, fungi and viruses all have a common intolerance for oxygen; they cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment. The body's vital functions are enhanced by increased availability of oxygen. Increased pressure also stimulates blood flow and decreases inflammation, and has a calming effect. Sleep is enhanced, absorption of nutrients and digestion improved. At the cellular level, oxygen is required for proper function.