FIT Studio is a gym that provide clients with the guidance and tools that enable them to surpass their individual fitness and wellness goals. We train beginners and workout warriors of all fitness levels. We offer a high-energy environment, music an... more
Nancy Rogers is a compassionate, knowlegable personal trainer certified by NPTI. She trains people in their own home or in her conveniently located SF gym. No matter what your present condition or age, Nancy welcomes you. She knows that is impossible... more
Our Personal Trainer Palo Alto Fit understand that in order to reach your health and fitness goals with a minimum of two sessions a week, you need training timeslots that are somewhat flexible and fit into your busy schedule. Your schedule is our Pri... more
You have found a unique personal trainer that works hard to be so much more than just that. I pride myself on educational, safe and incredibly intense routines. I push people to their physical limit yet guarantee that I get them to smile throughout. more
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-Free yourself from chronic pain in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, arms, and legs -Achieve great, natural posture -Learn to use your body with less strain Rolfing is about balancing the tensions in your whole body so things can move correctly... more