As of now, there are only a handful of individuals who haven’t heard of Museum of Ice Cream‘s festive arrival to San Francisco or haven’t seen the colorfully transformed building on Grant Avenue downtown. The tickets to the traveling museum, which previously caused serious meltdowns in New York and Los Angeles, sold out within an hour, leaving some standbys very disappointed, while many others giddy with anticipation.

Now, many have more have a chance at checking out the colorful slice of heaven, as their tour in San Francisco has been extended into February 2018, with additional tickets going on sale today at 9 am.

As everyone’s gearing for the all-important mission of the perfect Instagram photos. Here’s the scoop on the lay of the land, plus 5 not-to-be-missed photo-ops, from the cliche to the unique.

The Cherry Room

While some of the museum’s spaces feature a strong LED vibe, the Cherry Room offers extremely flattering lighting, thanks to its relaxing pink tones. Take a portrait with the wallpaper or with the floating cloud installation, or next to the beaming cherry sculpture. While admiring your skin tone in the selfie camera, take a minute to produce a fun Boomerang-like video, available only in this room.

Didn't know I belonged in a #unicorn stable until today. 🦄

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The Unicorn Stable

Each version of the museum is said to reflect its location; San Francisco got a homage in a form of a unicorn. The unicorn, situated in one of the brightest rooms, is the most glamorous stable one could imagine. This tiny mirrored room you enter through a low door steals the show. Strike a pose and get the most of this vanity-friendly, genius little space.

🍌banana swing 🍌

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The Banana Swing

Oh, the swings. The museum offers three of them, but the one featuring a myriad of pink bananas hanging above a striking yellow booth is by far the most photogenic. Immortalize the moment in a video, and if you really mean business, dress in complementary colors for that perfect color blend.

The Retro Diner

Located at the very beginning of the walk-through, the sweet and mellow ‘diner,’ complete with an exclusive ice cream flavor from Bi-rite Creamery, might be overlooked. It’s here, though, that some sweet photo magic can be made. Photo opportunities are plentiful, from the plush pink bar stools to the ‘vintage’ jukebox. Or even a cute snap with one of the employees in their retro outfits.

Best assignment ever 🍦

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The ‘Swimming Pool’

And finally, there’s the sprinkle pool, a decent-sized room with authentic tile, beach balls and plenty of fun to be had. In the San Francisco version, the tile is white and turquoise, a nice backdrop for a photo on its own, but the pool itself is the lead attraction, an unavoidable photo-op. Jump in there, splash in the (plastic) candy and snap away.

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