According to the mayor of Indio, the Southern California city that hosts Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, an autumn version of the mega music festival could become a reality.

With just two months until Coachella 2016, Indio Mayor Glenn Miller dropped a huge news bomb indicating the strong possibility of a fall version of the mega festival is “imminent.”

The city of Indio signed the 2013 contract agreement with festival promotions company Goldenvoice to keep both Coachella and country music event Stagecoach Country Music Festival within the city limits through 2030. The previous agreement between the city of Indio and Goldenvoice also permitted the possibility of expanding event offerings from three weekends to five, which opened the opportunity for two more festivals with maximum capacities of 75,000 and 99,000 people. Those capacities are equal in size to both Coachella and Stagecoach.

Adding another large music festival during the second half of the year could help the city of Indio add a few more months of tourism season, potentially attracting new residents. “It brings a different group into the community that wouldn’t be here in the summer heat, so it brings in money, business and jobs to the city,” said Glenn Miller. “You just can’t buy that kind of advertisement because it’s worldwide. It gives the city of Indio a new opportunity.”

This coming April, Coachella 2016 will be headlined by the reunions of LCD Soundsystem and Guns N Roses, as well as EDM super star Calvin Harris.

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