Coachella is following in the foot steps of Outside Lands with a food lineup featuring some of the hottest eateries from the LA scene.

The Coachella 2015 food lineup offers a full range of simple bites like pizza and grilled cheese and gourmet options such as Maine Lobster and exotic tacos. Food truck pioneer and entrepreneur Roy Choi will be on site with offerings from his LA Korean restaurant Pot, along with trending LA foodie destinations Egg Slut, 800 Degrees and Spicy pie.

Unfortunately, many of the top options are only available to VIP members, but there is also plenty of fare to choose from between the beer barn and regular food court area.

Here’s an unofficial poster of all the vendors by food website Eater and weekly podcast Food is the New Rock:


Coachella attendees can download the Reserve mobile app (no VIP wristband) and book a meal with professional chefs like Bruce Kalman, Ricardo Zarate, and Tin Vuong as part of the Outstanding in the Field dinner series.

$50 tasting menus in the VIP area from Roy Choi (from Korean restaurant POT), Kris Morningstar (of California Brasserie Terrine in Beverly Grove), and Phillip Lee of Scratch Bar and The Gadarene Swine in Studio City will be also available.

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