Are you single in San Francisco? Do you feel like everyone else is already coupled up and that there are no (decent, sane, emotionally available) single people left in the city? Travel+Leisure recently surveyed readers on the 35 cities that were best for singles and San Francisco ranked #12.

Twelve, you say? What was #1? The city of hot jazz, cheap beer and shiny necklaces, New Orleans, got the top spot. #3 went to Las Vegas, which is a great weekend destination for singles but how many of them actually live there? Rounding out the top ten was Providence, R.I. – What?! How did the capital of the smallest state in the country beat out a thriving metropolis like SF? Blasphemy. Sadly, even Savannah, Georgia edged us out.

Okay, San Francisco singles – we need to step up our game. Apparently, high levels of alcohol-consumption and a greater degree of brazen sluttiness equated a better ranking on this list. Well? What are you waiting for – get to it! We need to at least break the top ten by 2012.

For the whole list, go here.

Photo credit: Travel + Leisure