To commemorate the 41st anniversary of SF Pride–held throughout the city this weekend–here’s a colorful recipe for rainbow-sprinkled sugar cookies. They’re absolutely fabbbbulous!

A whole array of parades, banquets and other festivities will be going off in San Francisco over the next couple of days, so make sure to check out the calendar section of the SFPride website. There’s events for people of all ages and all orientations, so everyone can join the party. If you come with cookies, though, you’re sure to make a sweet impression.

But if baking isn’t your thing you could also consider ordering some delicious, hand-frosted cupcakes from the socially-minded website, MiKind. For the next two days they are donating $4 from every purchase to help support this weekend’s celebration; the nation’s largest gathering of the LGBT community. We can all take pride from living in a city that so emphatically embraces diversity and equality for all…even Vegetarians.