Winter Formal at the Red Victorian

Event has passed (Fri Dec 15, 2017 - Fri Dec 15, 2017)
Red Victorian Bed & Breakfast and Peace Arts Cafe
09:30 PM
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Formerly The Party Formally Known as Winter SolsticeFor thousands of years man has celebrated the changing of seasons in accordance with the lunar cycles. The ebb and flow of civilization made to mirror the delicate balance of nature reflected in the tides and weather patterns. Using these methods we developed a way of understanding every passing season as a reflection of the time passed in our own lives. Internal mechanisms were developed to teach us to use the memory of solstice's past to reflect on our present, and project our future.Then some assholes came along and decided to rebrand that shit into a totally different thing because...well...Long story short (not really):.We're here to Make Solstice Great again...Also we're celebrating it a week early, and offering to the gods and godesses (and YOU!) 4 hours of thump in your trunk funk, space disco boogie, and afro beat infused house. 3 DJ's, one Rafa and maybe drums and a horn or two for good measure. Remember to wear whatever the fuck you wanna wear, and to B your own B. I mean it guys, B your own B.No B will be sold on premises... also no Bees will be sold on premises. Also no C's and no Seas. If anyone is caught smuggling letters, Seas or insects into or out of the Red Vic we'll sick the dogs with bees in their mouthes so when they bark they shoot bees at you.I'm sorry.There are no dogs with bees in their mouthes. Please, just don't smuggle Seas or Bees.We're extremely thankful and lucky to be working with the Red Victorian, and I want to remind everyone to please allow your inner hedonist to take over for the night, but keep your inner MOOP patrol agent on tap too. Clean up after yourselves, and clean up after others, and take care of each other. Last but not least, drink plenty of water!