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Tuesday, November 7 - Monday, November 13
Decision 2006. Tuesday is our venerable Election Day and we won't know the fate of the country until well after the polls close. If you've spent your weekend trying to decipher the voter guide and done your part as a citizen, then you deserve a break.

Take a breather from the commotion with a little Brazilian rock. The world-renowned Titãs performs hits from their two-decade career at Mezzanine. If getting the country back on track is still on your mind, then head to the Yerba Center for the Arts for The Board Match where you can peruse dozens of non-profits and choose to join their boards. Then get to Artists' for Television Access to catch The Harder they Come, a groundbreaking film about the woes of post-colonial Jamaica starring Jimmy Cliff.

Make a change for the better (of the environment) at The Green Festival at The Concourse at SF Design Center, where you can learn about everything from green energy and organic farming to holistic health. Keep the spirits up with the Be The RIOTTT! Festival at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, a "culture expo" with the hottest in music, fashion and art. Conclude the weekend with the San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival and get caught up in either a Bollywood blowout or a revealing doc. Taste Tv Promo


at A.C.T

Playwright, activist, lover, blacklisted screenwriter - Lillian Hellman, hands down a juicy indictment of the oldest American family value of all: greed...
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Tuesday, November 7, 2006
at Landmarks Lumiere Theater ((2:15 4:45) 7:30 9:45)
On November 18, 1978, over 900 members of Peoples Temple died in the largest mass suicide/murder in history. What drew so many people across racial and class lines to the Peoples Temple? And how could such a diverse group be convinced to commit suicide? ...
at Mezzanine (9:30pm)
Titãs is the top selling Brazilian rock band, with 18 releases over a 22 year career. The first Brazilian band to win the coveted MTV video awards (2 awards for 'Best Video'), Titãs was also the first Brazilian band to perform at the Montreaux Festival, the first to go Platimum with an MTV Unplugged release (with "Titas Acustico"), and the only band besides the Rolling Stones to perform on the much reported 'largest concert on Earth'!
Wednesday, November 8, 2006
at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (5pm to 7:30pm)
Nonprofits count on volunteers like you to lead them to success. The Board Match is a job-fair style event featuring over 70 Bay Area nonprofits whose leadership will be on hand to talk to interested candidates about serving on their organization's board of directors. There will be a variety of organizations from large to small, focusing on everything from animals to libraries to youth...
at Pacific Film Archive (PFA) (7:30pm)
Ever since the earliest days of cinema, social and political groups have been quick to recognize film's unparalleled power to persuade. Filmmakers are often called upon to "perpetuate the existing social ideologies of the time," as film historian James Forsher has noted. Some of these acts of persuasion go unobserved because of their subtlety, but in periods of cultural turmoil, in time of war for instance, the motion picture medium has been mobilized to brazenly promote official agendas, propaganda loud and clear. ...
at Castro Theatre (6:30pm)
Film Arts Foundation presents its 30th Anniversary Celebration - a fundraising birthday bash marking three decades supporting the diverse voices of the independent film community on the West Coast and nationally...
Thursday, November 9, 2006
at United Colors of Benetton (6pm to 9pm)
Please join United Colors of Benetton, Sisley and Soma Magazine for a very special evening of shopping, Absolut Level martinis, music by DJ Donovan and a fashion show...
at Artists' for Television Access (ATA) (7:30pm)
This legendary Jamaican film was made ten years after Jamaica had achieved formal independence from England. During the 1970s, a progressive and anti-imperialist government, led by Michael Manley, carried out programs of national development that addressed the history of colonial underdevelopement...
at Cellar, The (8pm to 2am)
Ever want to be a model? Ever want to hang out with models? Well, tonight's your lucky chance!! Addictive Clothing Designs is looking for hot new faces to help launch Addictive next year. They need men and women models of many different shapes and sizes to help with print, fashion, and promotional modeling. Open casting calls are taking place all over the country and The Cellar is Addictive's San Francisco stop.
at boca: The Bar of Contemporary Art (9pm)
If the lauded factory songwriters of the 60s had grown up in the underground pop "90s and decided to form a band, that act would sound suspiciously like Starlight Mints...
Friday, November 10, 2006
at The Concourse at SF Design Center (all day)
The Green Festival is a party with a purpose: to accelerate the emergence of a new economic paradigm that is life-affirming and life-restoring. Together we are cultivating a culture of sustainability and social equity that honors our interdependence with all life. Green Festival unites green businesses, social and environmental groups, visionary thinkers and thousands of community members in a lively exchange of ideas, commerce and movement building fun...
at Pacific Film Archive (PFA) (7pm The 400 Blows; 9pm Jules and Jim)
PFA proudly salutes the distribution company Janus Films on the occasion of its golden anniversary. Founded in 1956 by Bryant Haliday and Cyrus Harvey, owners of Cambridge's Brattle Theater and the 55th Street Playhouse in Manhattan, Janus began with a mandate to bring important contemporary art films to U.S. audiences. As the distributor of masterpieces such as Bergman's The Seventh Seal, Truffaut's Jules and Jim, and Olmi's Il posto, the company was essential to the watershed moment of art cinema in the United States in the late fifties and early sixties...
at The Independent (9pm)
The trio's music combines elements of traditional and free jazz with rock and pop influences; The Bad Plus - These Are the Vistas included a version of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and Blondie's "Heart Of Glass", and The Bad Plus - Give features covers of tunes by the Pixies, Aphex Twin and Black Sabbath...
Saturday, November 11, 2006
at The Ferry Building (noon)
Arrive dressed as Waldo or Wenda and participate in re-enacting the scene of the most difficult Waldo puzzle ever. Come in a red and white striped shirt, blue pants and your choice of accessories and meet other Waldo fans...
at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (noon to midnight)
Featuring performances by The Rapture, Clipse, Explosions In The Sky, Saul Williams, Diplo, Deerhoof, RxBandits and many more, along with the largest urban dance competition in the United States...
at Icon Ultra Lounge (10pm to 3am)
Icon Ultra Lounge w/ Mirza Party, Rthym Ethics, Sol Y Luna presents Cosmo featuring DJ Henry Pollux, Vahid & DJ nik!
at Roe Restaurant (9:30pm to 3am)
Come together for a scintillating experience brought to you by SF's premiere promoters and DJs. Mingle, Drink and Dance in the elegant surroundings of Roe...
at supperclub (10pm to 4am)
The man behind URSULA 1000 is none other than the mild mannered, multi-instrumentalist Alex Gimeno. Keeping up with the jetsetting image, you can catch him dj-ing his transcontinental grooves at discothèques worldwide...
Sunday, November 12, 2006
at Roxie Cinema (11:30am, 2:30pm, 5pm, 7:30pm)
The fourth annual San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival (SFISAFF) arrives this year on November 10, 11, and 12, giving Bay Area moviegoers a sample of classic Indian cinema, hard hitting social documentaries, innovative features and the latest in Bollywood sizzle...
at Cafe du Nord (9pm)
The music of the San Francisco (by way of Oakland) indie rock outfit Erase Errata has been compared to such eclectic experimentalists as Captain Beefheart, the Minutemen, and the Dog Faced Hermans, due to the fact that the group posses an uncanny knack of improvising on the spot...
at Hertz Hall (3pm)
Composer and saxophonist John Zorn has worked with a large number of experimental musicians, particularly in improvised works, and speaks many different musical languages, from hardcore death metal to jazz, klezmer, and classical. He has been a central figure in NYC's downtown scene since 1975...
Monday, November 13, 2006
at Concourse at One Market (All Day)
The pioneering individuals featured in this exhibit - including the only female Muslim lawyer in Nepal, an advocate for Nepali women's rights; the founder of the first long-term shelter for abused and trafficked women in Laos; the director of an organization educating migrant women workers in southern China on their legal rights - are providing leadership to improve the current and future quality of life in their communities and societies for women as well as men...
at Paramount Theatre (Oakland) (8pm)
'Trouble', Ray LaMontagne's acclaimed 2004 RCA Records debut, quietly sold over 250,000 copies, the grassroots result of listeners throughout the world hearing the New Hampshire-born singer and songwriter and telling others about him. Here was a passionate new voice -- rough and silken, panoramic and local...
This Week's Articles

Good, but not Suppa Duppa
By Daniel_Goldstein (Nov 02, 2006)
In June of 2005, the team behind Globe opened Zuppa in a warehousey space in Soma, just across the alley from Fringale. Zuppa's broad Southern-Italian menu features six categories of food, including pizza and affettati (cold sliced meats). Despite a decent atmosphere and some excellent dishes, Zuppa lacks charm or broad appeal.
Red Hot Dance Moves
By Matt_Crawford (Nov 02, 2006)
Is Honeycut the coolest thing since sliced bread? Quiet possibly. The Bay Area trio has been blowing up spots throughout the Bay Area and at show dates throughout the country with a wall of sound that is nearly unfathomable from a sparse three-piece. Armed with Keyboards (RV Salters), a MPC drum machine (Tony Sevener) and the human voice (Bart Davenport), Honeycut returns to the stage Nov. 10 at The Independent.
Luke of The Kooks
SF Station Blows It Up
By Misha_Vladimirskiy (Nov 02, 2006)
The UK does it again and this time they are called The Kooks; this foursome destroyed Popscene last week. I got to the club at around 10pm and the line was almost a block and a half deep of kids hoping they will get in to see the new UK darlings in a small club before they hit the big time in the US. If I were to mix The Police, Stone Roses and The Doors in a big giant pot I would get The Kooks.
Released on Explicit Lyrics, 9/19/06
By Matt_Forsman (Nov 02, 2006)
DJ Shadow (aka-Josh Davis) made a career for himself by creating brilliant and infectious tracks that amalgamate samples, voices, and odd fragments of previously recorded dialogue. Shadow's gifts first became apparent in his critically acclaimed debut, Endtroducing in 1996. Moody, atmospheric, and emotive Endtroducing, caught the attention of critics and listeners.
Released on Vice Records, 10/10/06
By lynne_angel (Nov 02, 2006)
This is a headphones album. One of those "pop it in your media player of choice and turn it way up" albums. The opening song, "Come Out (Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone)", begins with a distant siren, steady heartbeats of drums and slight electrocutions of sound interjected here and there. The beats thicken, the sound swells, and the vocals kick in. It's classic, timeless, a perfect execution of the slow build electro-dance rock song. 120 Days have successfully combined the worlds of early eighties experimental electronic music with seventies rock and nineties drone -- and it's actually pretty good!
Released on Vice Records, 9/12/06
By lynne_angel (Nov 02, 2006)
Musical theater! Wow! I imagine Favourite Sons' live show as being devised from behind a heavy red velvet curtain which, when raised, reveals a somewhat seventies-stylized more rockin' adaptation of "Hair". This is a band John Cameron Mitchell would love.
images courtesy of 20th Century Fox
Borat make much funnytime for many laughings of movieviewing peoples
By Matt_Forsman (Nov 02, 2006)
The easily offended, culturally sensitive, and politically correct would be best served by avoiding Sacha Baron Cohen's absurdly offensive, but brilliantly hysterical Borat: Cultural Learning of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (Henceforth, to be referred to merely as Borat). However, for those who prefer their comedy grossly offensive (ample anti-semitism) and inappropriate(two naked men fighting over a Pamela Anderson centerfold), Borat raises the bar for all comedies that follow it.
Sadness and Cruelty, Around the World
By Anhoni_Patel (Nov 04, 2006)
It's a familiar cinematic exploration. Different seemingly disparate lives that are somehow all connected bringing one closer to understanding the true meaning of humanity. The results are both joyful and sorrowful. And while it has more than the latter and less than the former, Babel is no different. While the premise is not unique, it is the characters and their stories that make it special.
They've got it
By Michelle_Sieling (Nov 02, 2006)
I recently read that household décor design is the art of our time. Though that's a bold statement, I agree with it to some extent. I'm obsessed with home décor. I bookmark websites like http://www.shelterrific.com and http://www.thecoolhunter.net/ for frequent visits, salivating over the rich colors and lines, even though I have no use for the household goods they link to as I live in an in-law about the size of a hotel room.
Pick a Number
By Clifton_Lemon (Nov 04, 2006)
"Mentalists" have been around for centuries, and there is a rich tradition of performance in the genre, with figures like Uri Geller, The Amazing Kreskin, and Derren Brown among the prominent practitioners. Rasputin was even seen as a practitioner of mentalism, which emphasizes the ability to exert uncanny influence upon others with non-verbal cues. Marc Salem is in this camp, but true to form, prefers the term "purveyor of mental games."

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