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The East Bay Healing Collective was founded to provide a safe, supportive space for individuals and groups to gather for a variety of healing arts and practices. We believe that health and healing — of the heart, mind, emotions, and body &mdash... more
Empty Gate Zen Center offers training in Zen meditation through meditation instruction, morning and evening practice, public talks, teaching interviews, sittings, retreats and workshops. Programs are open to anyone regardless of previous experience.... more
The center provides a nourishing environment for the journey towards profound physical and spiritual well-being. Its mission is to serve the community by offering, under one roof, a breadth of programs to aid in the exploration of each individual&rsq... more
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Kundalini Sadhana is an ancient Tantric spiritual practice that allows individuals to deeply experience their own direct, inner connection to the Divine. This practice focuses on awakening the powerful transformative force called kundalini—the... more