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Angel Light Books and Gifts was established in 1989 by Valencia Chan to provide a tranquil haven for spiritual growth, enlightenment, and healing. The original location in Redwood City, California included a restaurant named Joy Meadow and the Temple... more
This beautiful Center houses the BCA Center for Buddhist Education, the Insti­tute of Buddhist Studies, and a Buddhist Bookstore. Additionally, there are offices of the Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha and Ryu­koku University whose headquarters and... more
Carrying forward Master Hsuan Hua's (1918-1995) vision for education and interfaith harmony, the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery aspires to provide a safe haven of tranquility and wisdom in an urban environment.  A daily schedule of monastic practi... more
The Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists is a progressive spiritual community that stands proudly as a beacon for social justice. Join us for Sunday services at 10:30 a.m.  more
The Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists is a progressive spiritual community that stands proudly as a beacon for social justice. Join us for Worship services Sundays at 10:30am. more
For nine decades and across several generations, our temple has served as a crossroads for families, friends, and spiritual teachers of the Buddha Dharma.  The Berkeley Higashi Honganji Temple, located in Berkeley, California, is affiliated with... more
Dzogchen is an ancient Buddhist spiritual tradition developed in India and Tibet. In Dzogchen, the primordial enlightened state of being is seen not as something to be constructed or gained, but rather as our inherent nature and potential. A teacher... more
The East Bay Healing Collective was founded to provide a safe, supportive space for individuals and groups to gather for a variety of healing arts and practices. We believe that health and healing — of the heart, mind, emotions, and body &mdash... more
Empty Gate Zen Center offers training in Zen meditation through meditation instruction, morning and evening practice, public talks, teaching interviews, sittings, retreats and workshops. Programs are open to anyone regardless of previous experience.... more
We welcome all people on their journey of faith, regardless of age, physical condition, race, gender identity, sexual orientation or class, and support each other in our ministries to one another, the community, and the world. more
# We are people who may have been brought up in other faith traditions or none at all. # We are people of different ages and styles of life. # We are people of different races, including multi-racial families. # Our families are different shapes and... more
We are a community thoughtfully engaged in our faith, embracing people of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, and circumstances. This is a place where questions can be asked, honest reflection is encouraged, creativity is cultivated, and where faith... more
The Jewish Federation and The Jewish Community Foundation of the East Bay reach across our community to bring together donors, communal agencies, synagogues and others to unite our values, strengthen our community and make a greater impact through gi... more
This school is producing lots of varieties of Thanka paintings and making thousands of customers happy with the work of Thanka paintings. We have almost 55 people working as Thanka painters and only 7 of them are called expert or master and we hope t... more
Mangalam Center explores new ways of bringing wisdom to the modern world. We embrace spiritual, secular, and integrated approaches to learning about our mind and ourselves, opening as many doors as possible to the means of healing and transformation. more
Northbrae celebrated its Centennial year in 2014. We are a small, lively and progressive congregation in the  historic Northbrae neighborhood of North Berkeley - located at the top of Solano Avenue on The Alameda, just outside the Northbrae Tunn... more
Pacific School of Religion (PSR) is a progressive, multidenominational seminary and center for social justice that prepares spiritually rooted leaders to work for the well-being of all. Rooted in the Christian tradition, PSR is home to a vibrant and... more
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The center provides a nourishing environment for the journey towards profound physical and spiritual well-being. Its mission is to serve the community by offering, under one roof, a breadth of programs to aid in the exploration of each individual&rsq... more
Mission Statement To worship and rejoice, to teach and to continue to be reformed, so as to sight, signal, support and celebrate the coming of God's kingdom. To spread the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ, as witnessed in the Bible,... more
We're glad you have found us. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome to be a part of our parish life. Find out more by visiting us on a Sunday morning and staying for the coffee hour and reception that generally follows.  Ex... more
Together we share our faith in Jesus Christ. We live the Gospel, and we care for others. Weekend Mass Saturday 5:30 pm Sunday Mass  8am / 9:30am (Family Liturgy Choir) / 11am (Concert Choir) more
Terra's Temple is a sacred space and a nexus for community committed to celebration and honoring of the earth mother in all her forms. People can come to the temple to rejuvenate, heal and recharge. It is a place for both those in need to receive and... more
There is no sign to idenify the place. more
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We meet every Sunday to worship.   Come as you are.   more
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Kundalini Sadhana is an ancient Tantric spiritual practice that allows individuals to deeply experience their own direct, inner connection to the Divine. This practice focuses on awakening the powerful transformative force called kundalini—the... more
Our mission is to present solo and small ensemble works from ancient to modern by Bay Area performers. We are dedicated to cultivating a diverse program of performances that expands the possibilities of what is considered chamber music, and in doing... more
Urban Adamah seeks to integrate the practices of Jewish tradition, sustainable agriculture, mindfulness, and social action to build more loving, just, and sustainable communities. Founded in 2010 as the first urban Jewish community farm in the U.S.,... more