Following up on last month’s big announcement that Montréal’s MUTEK festival will make its U.S. debut in San Francisco, organizers for the multi-day event have confirmed the entire festival lineup, set to appear across nine different local venues, including the San Francisco MintMezzanineThe MidwayBimbo’s 365 ClubGray Area Grand TheatreHerbst TheatreThe California Academy of Sciences, and Heron Arts.

On top of the 33 artists that were unveiled last month, MUTEK.SF will serve as the North American solo live premiere for techno innovator Moritz Von Oswald, who is best known for his pioneering work (in collaboration with Mark Ernestus) as Basic Channel, Maurizio, and Rhythm & Sound. There will also be live sets by Detroit techno-electro act Aux 88 and playful Chilean techno artist Matias Aguayo. There are also a number of Bay Area artists performing at MUTEK.SF, including 8ULENTINA, Christopher Willits, DIBIA$E, Foozool, King Most, and Only Now.

Beyond the music, the festival will also present many audiovisual and experiential artworks. These interactive experiences will reflect the spirit of exploration and technological innovation that San Francisco embodies. Art on display will include iAltar by Brian Reinbolt; The Chamber of Cerebral Geometry by Craig Dorety, Immersive Constructions by Last Faith Studio and Subpac, Strobe Piece by Greg Zifcak, Lux Aeterna by Joey Verbeke & Ya_mur Uyanık, Teratogenesis by Jonathan Beilin and Magnus Pind, and Binary Garden 2 and Aquarium by Marpi.

All performances are organized into four distinct series: Digi Lab (panel discussions and technical education), A/Visions (large-scale audiovisual works), Nocturne (forward-thinking live electronic music in a club context), and Experience (mixed indoor-outdoor programming). Tickets for the festival are on sale now.

You can also enter to win two tickets to the Saturday May 5 event “Nocturne 3” at Mezzanine + The Mint from SF Station here:

May 3-6, 2018
Various Venues Across SF

Music Lineup:
214 (US)
artificiel (Alexandre Burton & Julien Roy) (CA)
Article C (US)
Bézier (US)
Austin Cesear (US)
Aux 88 (US)
Braille & Chelley Sherman (US)
Brian Reinbolt (US)
Christina Chatfield (US)
Christopher Willits (US)
Convextion (US)
Craig Dorety (US)
Debit & Giselle Zatonyl (MX+AR)
Equiknoxx (JM)
Erik van der Molen (US)
Foozool (US)
Francesco Tristano feat. Derrick May (LU+US)
Galaxy 2 Galaxy (US)
Greg Zifcak (US)
Indy Nyles (US)
Jackie House (US)
Jesse Woolston (NZ)
Joanie Lemercier (FR)
Joey Verbeke & Ya_mur Uyanık (US+TR)
Jonathan Beilin & Magnus Pind (US+DK)
King Most (US)
Kyoka (JP)
Last Faith Studio & Subpac (US)
Lee Gamble (UK)
Marpi (US)
Matias Aguayo (CL)
Night Sea (US)
Nonotak (FR/JP)
Only Now (US)
Orphx (CA)
Perera Elsewhere (UK)
Roche (US)
rRoxymore & Trece Cielos (FR+MX)
Russell E.L. Butler (US)
Secret Sidewalk (US)
Siete Catorce & Pecoo (MX)
Solar & C.L.A.W.S. (US)
Telefon Tel Aviv (US)
Tim Hecker (CA)
Topazu (US)
Vague Terrain (US)
Watkins & Peacock (US)
Woulg & Push 1 Stop (CA)