Men’s magazine Esquire has named Specs in North Beach and Trick Dog in the Mission as two of the top 10 best bars in America.

Esquire’s editors, led by David Wondrich, picked the best places to drink in the United States in the June/July issue, selecting only spectacular watering holes that are simple, know how to make a great cocktail, and never fail to show people a great time.

A cozy and dark watering hole known as Specs, situated across the street from Vesuvio, feels like a museum with bar service. The Chinatown institution features a fantastic collection of interesting artifacts nailed on the walls and has a non-touristy vibe despite its location. Trick Dog opened in January 2013 from the Bon Vivants crew and the hipster bar is best known for its carefully crafted cocktails and eclectic gastropub snacks.

2015 Best Bars in America (sorted alphabetically by city):
Bad Decisions, Baltimore, MD
J. J. Foley’s CafĂ©, Boston, MA
State Park, Cambridge, MA
Husk, Charleston, SC
Harbor Inn, Cleveland, OH
Prizefighter, Emeryville, CA
Grandma’s Bar & Grill, Kansas City, MO
Pinewood Social, Nashville, TN
Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29, New Orleans, LA
Dear Irving, New York, NY
The Up & Up, New York, NY
Milano’s Bar, New York, NY
Khyber Pass Pub, Philadelphia, PA
Specs, San Francisco, CA
Trick Dog, San Francisco, CA