Chui Wan, a psychedelic rock band from Beijing, China, have embarked on their first U.S. tour with a stop through the Bay Area at Brick and Mortar Music Hall on Monday June 1st.

Three years after their debut record, “White Light,” in which MTV Iggy dubbed a “psychedelic masterpiece,” the neo-psychedelic quartet recently released their self-titled sophomore effort. Paralleled with their previous effort, the band tightened and honed their craft while expanding their pallet, including influences of Sufi music, Southeast Asian folk tunes, and 20th-century avant-garde compositions. Specializing in ominous guitar melodies permeated with heavy reverb and spooky mantras carried by captivating rhythms, they kicked off their U.S. tour alongside Tame Impala and Flaming Lips at Austin’s Psych Fest after barely getting into the country. We caught up with Chui Wan to talk about their unfortunate Visa issues, the differences of playing in the States vs. China and where the name Chui Wan came from.

How’s the tour treating you so far? What’s been your favorite moment?

The tour is treating us well, thank you. The Minneapolis show! Everyone was dancing!

Have you toured the U.S. before? If not, what are some of the things you brought with you?

No, we have not. We brought merchandise to sell. Buy it!

You had a glimpse of the bay area, starting your tour in Berkeley. You end your tour at Brick and Mortar here in San Francisco. Is there anything you’re particularly excited to visit here in the city?

We started at Psych Fest because we cancelled our first week of shows due to Visa issues. We must visit the Chinese Embassy to get a new passport for our drummer to go back to China. We are very excited about this!

What are some of the biggest differences playing in China versus the U.S.? The crowd, the venues, etc.

Chinese audiences are shyer.

How did you come up with the name Chui Wan?

There is an old school Chinese philosopher named Zhuangzi and it is from his book.

Ah, I thought it was an old sports game, similar to golf. Ideally, what’s in store for the future of Chui Wan?

More recording and touring!