UK-based experimental electronic artist Squarepusher hosts a special online and in-person event today at New York’s Wallplay Gallery in Manhattan starting at 4pm PST (7pm EST) to promote the release of his latest album, Damogen Furies.

The live stream can be accessed at while the in-person event in New York is free to attend and open to fans on a first come first served basis.

Squarepusher’s visuals will be generated by director Tim Saccenti and generative art creator Joshua Davis. This unique collaboration will feature one-off projections and motion graphics, while Squarepusher controls album playback, old school sounds and other performance elements.

Squarepusher, pseudonym of British electronic musician Tom Jenkinson, has an experimental style dominated by drum and bass with a heavy jazz fusion influences, typically combining electronic sound sources, live instrumentation and digital signal processing. He is also a skilled bassist and multi-instrumentalist. Squarepusher performed both weekends of Coachella 2015 in the Gobi tent.

In recent years, Squarepusher has downsized his equipment setup to just a virtual alternative within his laptop; synthesizing sounds, sampling, processing and mixing. Over the last 15 years, parts of his previous albums were created using Squarepusher’s self-crafted software. Damogen Furies is the first to be entirely created using the new micro-processing setup, featuring plenty of tense climaxes with a frenetic, jazz-fusion style.