This week, the talk of the town is techno. Enjoy it.

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Friday, Sept. 12: Luke Hess, Dimi Angelis at F8
Dub techno echoes into vanishing points. It’s this sort of fleetingness-turned-transience that Detroit’s Luke Hess champions for imprints like Omar S’ FXHE Records and Denmark’s Echochord. Equally falling into deep house’s looser roll, and techno’s tighter propulsion, Hess’ sound fluxes from clean pressed cuts to the feel of streaming underwater in the dark, moody and on its way to ether regions.


Friday, Sept. 12: Surface Tension.005 with Shifted at Mercer
A Berliner by way of UK, Guy Alexander Brewer’s design is horizontally simple and straightforward, tensely propelling, yet spreads three dimensionally to fill headspaces with loom. Increasingly, the producer, known as Shifted, is a looked to name in techno. Brewer builds contemplative textures around a frantic, panting core. Stylistically, they’re harsh, static, and increasingly abstract, made to drive bodies, and let minds drone.


Friday, Sept. 12: Andhim, Jimpster, & Nico Stojan at Public Works
Cologne duo Andhim keeps it relatively silly. Besides labeling this North American tour “Odyssey of the Sausage,” the producers also call their style “Super House.” It’s a cheeky indicator of the sound they bring to thirsty club nights across international waters—quirky and buoyant, twirl-able, and an all around friendly showcase of four-on-the-floor. Long running UK house producer, Jimpster, will provide an opening set with a more soulful, liquid deepness.


Saturday, Sept. 13: Icee Hot with Seven Davis Jr., Pender Street Steppers, & Roche at Public Works
Rising LA based producer/vocalist, Seven Davis Jr., has his toe dipped in soul, house, funk, and a slinky Prince feel. His live and cozy singing is an alluring change up from the typical dance floor, though Canadian production/DJ duo Pender Street Steppers (a.k.a. Liam Butler and Jack Jutson) are fit to provide honey-thick house that’s heavy on the blush-brushed, instrumental disco. This one’s a fly high and boogie kind of night.


Saturday, Sept. 13: [SET] with Black Asteroid at Mercer
Techno comes in many forms – three of which can be explored this weekend. American producer Black Asteroid (a.k.a. Bryan Black) is the most asphyxiating of the group. More physically destructive than emotionally derived, he shells out thick, aggressive walls of mechanics, as is typical of the hardcore imprints that house his releases, Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe, and Chris Liebing’s CLR.