Building on the success of Airbnb, the global website dedicated to rental lodging, the excellently named TravelTHC (formerly AirTHC) is capitalizing on recent marijuana legalization in Colorado.

While it’s now legal to purchase and ingest marijuana in Colorado, it’s still illegal to smoke in public places. Those looking to make a trip to the 420-friendly state may wonder where exactly they can try out the local ganja flavor—TravelTHC has the answer.

Just as Airbnb hosts a number of local residents willing to rent out their houses, apartments, or rooms to visitors, TravelTHC will amass a list of private residences where tourists can light up.

Despite the law allowing marijuana smoking in private residences, hotels still have firm no-smoking policies. For those looking to partake,TravelTHC is a simple tool that will allow travelers to live the new hazy Colorado lifestyle without having to weed out those places that don’t allow it.

Tapping into the new, legalized marijuana industry may pay off, especially if other states follow in Colorado’s footsteps. More info