Travel Guide: Marijuana Friendly Travel in Denver

Once most famous for Skiing and crappy domestic beer, Colorado is now known as one of only two states to legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational use. While Californians wait for a similar law to pass in the Golden State, a recent article on lays out some tips for travelers interested in enjoying the benefits of legal recreational marijuana.

Sure, the Bay Area is regarded as one of the more ganja-friendly areas of United States, and it’s not hard to find good herb, but the pull of the Rockies is too strong to resist for those who want to catch a buzz in Mile High City.

However, the recent legislation hasn’t made it a free for all. For one, smoking in public is still outlawed and marijuana is only legal for purchase for people 21 years old and older.

“There are still rules, governing the use and possession of marijuana, so visitors to Denver and Colorado will want to take caution to ensure your trip doesn’t end with an unscheduled trip to the pokey,” according to the article on “Most importantly, it is still illegal to smoke marijuana in public. Be discreet. Secondly, sharing your bounty with anyone under 21 is a serious offense and certainly isn’t worth the risk of ruining a good vacation. Lastly, be courteous and mindful of those around you.”

420-friendly entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the new opportunity with tours that take visitors through a tutorial on the law, give a starter bag for smokers and visit a number of retail locations. For the uninitiated, just purchasing the stuff can be a daunting task. Not only are there numerous strains of flowers, but there are also other products such as edibles to choose from. Don’t be afraid to ask retailers what strain or product will work best for specific planned activities.


[Photo Credit: Colorado Flag Graphic from Shutterstock]