A new Spotify app offer the ability sync curated playlists with recipes from restaurants from across the globe, creating a unique experience for home cooks while they are in the kitchen and at the dinner table.

The Supper app on Spotify brings together customized recipes and playlists within the Spotify platform from notable restaurants, including San Francisco’s own State Bird Provisions and New York hot spot Momfuku. The app, created by digital music company Artisan Council, attempts to bring the experience and atmosphere of dining out into the user’s home by recreating the vibe of their favorite restaurant while also inserting recipe author’s personality into the home cooking experience with select tracks.

“The playlists are split into two, one for while you’re cooking and one for while you’re eating,” says Adam Kinnane, one of the founding members of Artisan Council. “The one for while you cook is usually what the curator loves personally, and the one for when you eat is what you would find in the restaurant.”

For State Bird Provision’s signature buttermilk fried quail with sweet and sour onions recipe, the home cook is treated to funky tracks by Budos Band, Beck and Daft Punk smash “Get Lucky” (hopefully this is not required for the finished product).

Fried beef short ribs with apricot glaze from Momofuku are paired with Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Frank Ocean. At SXSW (view our photos from SXSW), Supper partnered with pop singer Kelis (a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, who knew?) for jerk ribs and a curated playlist.

“The way that curators pair music with their food really comes down to them, because we encourage authenticity,” Kinnane says. “The people we work with love music just as much as they love food, just like us. So it’s a natural fit.”

The Supper app offers these and many other curated recipes and playlists, with new content every month. It’s a fun resource for people who love to try on the chef’s hat or for people who just want to experience a favorite meal in a whole new way.

“One of my favorites is definitely Christian Tosi’s Crack Pie —it’s incredible,” Kinnane says. “If you want to get a good sugar high I highly recommend it. The playlist is awesome, as well. It starts off with Peaches, MIA and Haim. It’s the exact same experience, and what I heard when I first went into Momofuku Milkbar.”

Images of Supper recipes: