Cocktail competitions are old hat for many of San Francisco’s best bartenders. In fact, many times, it gives them a chance to cut loose and do some tricks they might not normally do in their own bar. That was exactly the case at a recent event at Matrix Fillmore.

The third annual Appleton Estate Remixology Bartender Challenge featured some of San Francisco’s best competing for a chance to head to New York for the finals.

The duo of Kevin Diedrich and Brian McGregor of Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen busted a move to Run DMC’s “It’s Tricky,” live tapping a keg and doing keg stands in front of the judges. Dan Stahl of Rickhouse prepared his cocktail to the classic “Twist and Shout.” Dressed in a wig and sunglasses, Toni Devencenzi of Bourbon & Branch performed to the Hall and Oates classic “Rich Girl.” He also prepared his drink handcuffed. Trevor Easter from Heaven’s Dog was up next and mimicked the “Party Anthem,” smashing a bottle on his head twice while creating his cocktail. Finally, Amber Engle of H-Lounge said girls can have fun too, bringing a hammer to the bar and crushing her own ice to Pink’s “Bad Influence.”

It was a tough choice for the three judges (Rebecca Chappa, Martin Cate and Dylan O’Brien) but in the end, they selected Easter’s cocktail, Old Man’s Money as the winning drink of the night.

Easter will now head off to New York on September 10 to compete against the winners from Miami, Boston and New York.



Photo Credit: Steve Jennings