Every Monday until May 7th, Hemlock Tavern presents “Comedy SuperPAC: Promoting Good Comedy and Great Causes Since 2012,” featuring two of San Francisco’s most prominent comedians right now, Nato Green and Kamau Bell, performing new material. There are also plenty of special comedian guests that Green and Bell have handpicked to perform.

Both Green and Bell are known for their politically driven humor. Green explains, “We’re both trying to be true to ourselves and we’re people who care about what’s happening in the world.”

Since Kamau and Nato almost always also use their shows as a social platform, a portion of the proceeds from the Comedy SuperPAC show will go to the Applied Research Center’s online magazine Colorlines.com.  As Nato puts it, “We really like using comedy as a public space, and we wanted to funnel money into an organization that we believe in.”

Besides the Comedy SuperPAC shows, both Green and Bell have other exciting projects on the horizon. Kamau just signed a television deal with FX, and the show is set to begin filming in August. Even though he has not yet been signed to the FX show, Nato is recording a live comedy show at The New Parish in Oakland on May 8th.