This week’s best theater premiers include Eiko and Koma’s Regeneration at YBCA, The Rita Hayworth of This Generation, and Japan’s latest entertainment craze: Real Escape Game

Modern choreography and dance duo, Eiko & Koma are eerie and hauntingly beautiful. This Thursday through Saturday, don’t miss their latest compilation, Regeneration, featuring their three strongest pieces from the last four decades, at YBCA. The featured dance-theater numbers include: Raven, Night Tide, and the first piece they created together, White Dance.

The Rita Hayworth of this Generation hits Shotwell Studios this Friday evening with the first of six shows. Written and performed by Tina D’Elia, the one-woman show tells the story of queer Latina performer, Carmelita Cristina Rivera, who gambles everything to move to Vegas.

Japan’s latest phenomenon, the Real Escape Game, makes it’s SF premier this Friday (through Sunday) with Escape From Warewolf Village, at New People. The game isn’t traditional theater, but rather, a huge, interactive puzzle — basically all participants will be confined to a room and then given clues and puzzles that will help you escape. Teamwork strongly encouraged.