Real Escape Game in San Francisco - Escape from the Werewolf Village

Event has passed (Fri Mar 23, 2012 - Sun Mar 25, 2012)
New People
11am / 2pm / 5pm
$15 - $25
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In Japan, there is a live game event, called "Real Escape Game". This latast Japanese entertainment is basically a puzzle game require you to escape from a place, filled with puzzles to confound you and the other players you will team with in the event.

The story goes that, you are trap in a room with maybe 100 others, and you are given some clues that will lead to escape. The objective is to find and solve the puzzles inside a room to escape. The players are encouraged to team-up to more efficiently crack the puzzles. Besides a game master direct gameplay and add a touch of drama into the story.

In short if you are a person who like answering riddles, solving complex puzzles or just general smart, and you are looking for a challenge, it’s here.

The game has gotten quite a cult following with sessions conducted in dome halls with themes like the Sengoku period for the very recent one in Tokyo. After over 100,000 people have played it in Japan, China and Singapore, it's coming to San Francisco on this March!

This game is quite tough to solve. Are you up for the challenge?

*This event will be held in English. Any Japanese knowledge, language or skill are NOT required.

You can see the video of the game in Tokyo, here.

And here is offical web site. You can get a ticket through the site, starting at $20 in advance.

Official Facebook page


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