In celebration of the upcoming 150th anniversary of a San Francisco favorite, the martini, master distiller Maurice Kanbar is relaunching his unique San Francisco-based Blue Angel Vodka, which he has dubbed “The Perfect Martini Vodka.”

Kanbar has had a highly successful career spanning several different industries. As an inventor, entrepreneur and filmmaker, he is probably still most famous for his work in the vodka industry, known by many to be the “father” of the modern vodka industry for creating Skyy Vodka.

Skyy was seen as revolutionary because of its proprietary 4-column distillation and 3-step filtration process, which helped to pave the way for many of today’s high-end, ultra-premium vodkas.

While taking a break from the vodka business, Kanbar continued to tinker as he has been known to do. His goal was to create the smoothest vodka he has ever tasted. So in 2009, he founded Blue Angel Vodka.

The vodka is distilled in the United States and uses Kanbar’s scientific advancements in fermentation, distillation and filtration techniques to give it its unique taste.

Kanbar was on hand for a recent launch party held at Tosca Cafe in North Beach. The vodka is debuting a whole new look and also a new campaign, heralding Blue Angel as “San Francisco’s Spirit.”

The event offered guests a chance to taste several different types of martinis (BAM-Blue Angel Martini, BLUE BAM-Blue Angel Vodka w/ Blue Curacao, CRAN BAM-Blue Angel Vodka w/ cranberry and lime juice and the ANGEL RITA-Blue Angel Vodka Margarita). And among the guests were California Governor Jerry Brown (not sure which martini he had) and former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. The vodka has a very distinct and smooth taste, almost a smokiness to it. It is definitely unlike most other vodkas on the market.

As he addressed the crowd, Kanbar said he is proud that Blue Angel is “distilled in America, keeping jobs in the U.S,” just another noteworthy accomplishment in his very distinguished career.