The Fabulous Frickle Brothers

I love pickles. I even had my mom send me her secret recipe for homemade pickles. So when I heard about deep fried pickles, I didn’t know how to react. But that seems to be the usual reaction to frickles, according to The Fabulous Frickle Brothers co-founder Patrick Mace.

Patrick and business partner John Corazzini started their frickle business about a year ago and operate out of Angels’ Camp, CA. On a trip to Raleigh, NC, Patrick tried a fried pickle and “fell in love,” he says. “It sounds kinda weird, right? Expectations of eating one are low; no one expects [to like it.]” But the crunchy and salty combination of Kosher dills, a batter of tempura, panko and Lagunitas ale, and a deep fryer full of canola oil make for an awesome kick that is unlike anything else you’ll try at the myriad of food trucks cruising around San Francisco.

The frickle chips are served with a variety of dipping sauces. Patrick explains that the South uses heavier dips, many of them mayonnaise-based. But in California, people like lighter flavors, so when a saucier friend suggested trying yogurt for a base, the team knew they hit the jackpot. The Fabulous Frickle Brothers have eight sauces made with Straus yogurt, including the Cucaracha Sriracha and a curry dip. Usually they’ll showcase three or four at an event.

Patrick and John have teamed up with local farmers to get their homemade pickles, as well as heirloom green tomatoes, okra and apples for deep frying. The deep-fried apples, or frapples, are more of a dessert dish, Patrick explains. No word on whether the other dishes will soon be named framatoes and frokra.

You can catch The Fabulous Frickle Brothers at the Outside Lands or Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festivals. Be on the lookout for a bright red trailer with—you guessed—pickles on it.



Photo credit: The Fabulous Frickle Brothers