With last Sunday being Father’s Day, I decided to take my dad to Beer Revolution (incidentally where I would normally be were it any other Sunday) where I found Rogue’s extra special black IPA for the occasion called Dad’s Little Helper.

I’ve had some black IPAs that were maltier than others, and some that were hoppier and bitterer than others, and this one seemed to be a good mixture of these characteristics.

This beer pours a dark reddish-brown with a cream-colored head that leaves a little bit of lacing. There wasn’t too much in the nose, except a lightly lingering chocolate malt and mango notes and a piney undertone. The hops pop out with a bitter, grassy flavor but the malts match it with a strong caramel, and somewhat smoky, undertone. With it’s creaminess, this one seems to go down easy, but it’s still packed with a punch with its medium carbonation complementing the bitterness. This would be best paired with red meat and a dessert heavy in chocolate, whether it is a fudge sundae or a molten chocolate soufflé.

I would have preferred a lighter-bodied ale, but regardless I think it was a good attempt and it definitely stands out as a uniquely Rogue ale. Although it’s not exceptional, it’s comforting and goes down easy.



Photo credit: thebeerpig.blogspot.com