Two Perspectives

Tue Jul 25 (full schedule below)
First Unitarian Universalist Church - San Francisco
9 to 4
Arts, Art Exhibit


Two Perspectives

An exploration of ones identity through the distinct eyes of two brothers

The show looks at two aspects of the self; first a visualization of the parts impacted by constraints imposed by our families and society and second an exploration of how our views and opinions are colored by these constraints.

The “Fragmented Self”, a work of abstracts by Rene Villa, provides a visual representation of those parts of our selves that we over-rely on, diminish or suppress in order to fit within the construct set by our families and social circles.

Martin Bustamante’s work questions how our thought processes and ideas are shaped by societal constraints and explores the impacts these norms have on our views and interactions with others.


First Unitarian Universalist Church - San Francisco
1187 Franklin Street
San Francisco, CA
Tue Jul 25 (9 to 4)
Wed Jul 26 (9 to 4)
Thu Jul 27 (9 to 4)
Fri Jul 28 (9 to 4)
Sat Jul 29 (9 to 4)