First Unitarian Universalist Church - San Francisco

1187 Franklin Street, San Francisco, CA
+1 415.776.4580
First Unitarian Universalist Church - San Francisco Website
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Unitarian Universalists provide a place where individuals can find the freedom to explore their beliefs in a community of other seekers. Christians, Buddhists, Jews, agnostics, atheists, and humanists gather here. Gay or straight, couples or singles, young or old--everyone is welcome to come together, seek the truth, strive for justice and help one another.


Sunday Worship Service at 11am every Sunday 

Since 1850 Unitarian Universalists have been a prophetic and progressive voice within the city. Our church is a place where individuals are free to explore the ultimate questions in a community of other seekers and find their own answers. 

We are... 

* Christians, Jews, Humanists, Agnostics, Pagans, Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, Muslims, and many other faith traditions 
* straight, gay, couples, singles, young, and old 
* bound together not by dogma, but by shared values, social concerns, common interests, and friendship 

We invite you to learn about our beliefs and activities by exploring this site, visiting us in person, and getting involved in our community.